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    someone asked me to silence the quarterly chime on their three train grandfather clock but leave the hourly chime. probably not the best way, was to bend the hammers just far enough away as not to strike the chime rods, but allowing the mechanism to trigger the strike to preform it's job of...
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    repair charges

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to leave my question or how appropriate the question but I need some guidance. One of the things that prompted me to pursue clock repair aside form the fascination with clocks and what makes them tick, and also being a descendant of Chauncey...
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    specific tool

    Is there a specific tool for adjusting a hand washer on a hermle
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    I am currently working on a movement that strikes correctly from two through eleven, then strikes thirteen, then strikes two skipping one, therefore gaining two hours each day. there are two identifying marks on the movement 480 and a circle within a circle, a triangle inside the inner circle...
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    $ Japy Freres c Honneur

    This clock is marked Japy Freres & Cie Honneur, 6916 411. and a small sticker in the lower right hand corner of the back marked 1850 (I know this corresponds to the makers mark on the back plate and is to indicate an award and not the date of the movement or the clock itself). it has not run for...
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    $ Japy Freres

    I was contacted by a truly delightful woman of 96 years, who owns a Japy Fereres & CIE Honneur and is interested in finding a new home for it. I have photos I can attach. my question is. is this the place i need to be, to ask for some guidance as to the value of this clock? I have photos, and...
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    Junghaus B13

    I am trying to assess the problem on a Junghaus B13 that will announce the hour intermittently either at the half, quarter, three quarter, and occasionally on the hour. I have done nothing to the movement i.e. taken it apart to clean. this looks a little tricky but it is for a family member and...
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    how can I slow clock that runs too fast?

    I have been working on a Gilbert tambour mantle clock time and strike I took in trade for some much needed dental work. This has been the clock from you know where. It has not run for three decades, everything was either bent, broken or just generally mucked up from being neglected all of this...
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    Skeleton Clock

    I rescued this skeleton clock from an aspiring artist who wanted to make ART out of it. I know its most likely not worth much but it is a clock and it seems to want to work. my dilemma is that there is no markings save "Leonard Parks 1977" my guess is that this is a kit and Leonard made it...
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    I was handed a box of parts ( I'm sure the movement is complete) but doggone-it not quite sure where everything goes. it is a bim bam type set up on a Gilbert. is a exploded view available for me to look at? or who is the resident expert on such matters?
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    Anatomy of a Hermle A 401-030

    Is there such a publication? In the midst of disassembly of a Hermel A 401-030 three train movement, parts became scattered by my assistant (a small furry individual) who has sense been bannished from the clock room. (No clocks for you, one year). this all happened before I had a chance to...
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    I don't have a digital camera to send pictures so I can't post one. but I have a English clock that is a fusee set up and rack and snail configuration. I have it running steadily but the strike (a bell) will strike 1,2,3,5,5,5,8,5,12 well you get the picture I hope. Its got me stumped. any Ideas?
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    What is it?

    People just keep giving me clocks! I just aquired a clock with crossed arrows and the numbers 105/27 over 360. What is it ? any one know/ or know where I can find out? I've looked online and have come up with nothing. any help would be good. Thanks, Popi
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    Slow it down, How do I do it?

    I just cleaned and rebushed a ST mantle clock that hasn't run in 30 years, I have dropped the pendulum and Bob as far as allowable by way of the S and F arbor on the front of the movement and the darned thing still runs too fast. what do I do? Otherwise the clock performs splendidly.
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    Junghans Wurttemberg B25, 104 1/2

    I recently aquired a Jnughans and the strike main spring winds to a certin point and then lets go inside of it's barrel. I can wing it again, but I dont dare. I am more than alittle intenidated by this Bim Bam movement. the only other markings on it are Wurttenburg B25, 104 1/2. any one have any...
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    E Ingraham Escapement.

    I am currently trying to complete an Ingraham kitchen clock. this is the 27th clock I have had the honor to repair. 26 of the 27 clocks have gone back together and with a little persuading are still running and keep relitively good time. however the afore mentioned clock will not run. the escape...
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    Vencenti Medaille D'Argent 1855

    I aquired a Vencenti 1855 this past week end and it is in need of repair but I can't find anything about it except some history on Vencenti and Medaille D'Argent but no info on the movement and how to repair it. I have repaired a number of clocks with a sucess rate of about 99% and I would like...
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    strike train

    I am having trouble getting strike trains to work properly after I cleaned and reassembled them. they count properly for a few hours than they pick up a few strikes, like 27 chimes. this is very frustrating. can anyone give me some direction? A book, a DVD, a course. Popi

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