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    Slow running Elgin

    I have cleaned the O size movement ( number 7953080), burnished the pivots etc etc etc. It loses about 4 hours in 24 hours. The jewels are not cracked. The hairspring is not fouling. The speed of the balance seems slow. The pallet "snaps" well enough. The mainspring barrel does not seem to...
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    drilling Stainless steel

    I need to drill a hole through stainless steel tweezers using a small spade type drill. I DON'T want to damage the drill, so, can this be done without damage? OZZY
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    stepped collets

    I just bought 4 stepped collets with the intention of using them to hold the pocket watch wheels while I burnish them. My problem is that I can't get the burnisher into the collet, (because it is stepped)!!! Have I wasted my money? What is the real function of a stepped collet? OZZY:mad:
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    Elgin pallet

    I have an Elgin 18s. The roller jewel is 16.5 thou. and the notch in the pallet is 22 thou. Are these dimensions compatible?(ie should the jewel be greater in dia.?) Thanks in advance for any help. OZZY:smile:
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    Quality of my graver

    I have found repeatedly that my graver is unable to remover broken balance staffs. ( I can MAKE staffs with little difficulty) I am using a graver made by E C Muller. Is this product of good quality? Who is the best maker?
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    Rex roller remover

    Can anyone tell me how to use a Rex roller remover? How should the knurled piece be held? OZZY:confused:
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    rusted pivot burnisher

    I have a steel burnisher which has rust stains. Can anyone tell me how to deal with it? OZZY
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    lift spring

    How can I remove a broken lift spring, the retaining screw seems to be stripped? OZZY
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    Elgin won't run

    I have an 18s Elgin that will run while in the face up and face down position. However when the movement is on it's side it will run for a period and then stop. Why is it stopping?? Thanks, OZZY :(
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    Pocket watch case

    I have an 18s pocket watch with a screw-on back cover. When the cover is fully screwed on the cartouche remains misaligned with the crown. (I have carefully cleaned the threads, to no avail.) Can anyone tell me whether this is normal?? Thanks , OZZY
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    I have been collecting Elgin pocket watches and spare parts for some time. I am interested in including watches by a different maker in my collection, however I can't afford to buy additional spare parts as well. Is there another maker that uses similar parts to those used in the Elgin watches...
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    Cleaning a metal dial

    I have a few old Elgin dials. They are metal faced ie not ceramic. They are heavily stained. Is there a method for cleaning/restoring them? Thanks in advance for any advice, OZZY
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    Hi,:confused: I have had continual problems with the hardness of my gravers. Would disposable tungsten carbide electric planer blades be suitable? If so, how can I grind and sharpen them? Thanks , OZZY
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    American PW letting down the mainspring

    Can anyone tell me how to let down the mainspring of an 18s ELGIN? Thanks, OZZY
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    mainspring wider

    I have an incomplete winder set. The item shown at the bottom left hand of the picture is the part that I need. Can anyone NAME the item? Can anyone tell me where I can obtain one? The maker as shown on the crank is MARSHALL. Thanks, OZZY
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    Makers marks

    Is there a list somewhere that shows the case makers marks or symbols?? I need to identify a mark on a nickel? case. It shows a crescent moon. Thanks OZZY:D
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    Elgin hairsprings

    I am having a difficult time obtaining hairsprings for Elgin pocket watches that are both affordable and readily available. Can anyone assist/advise on suppliers etc. Thanks in advance, OZZY
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    how to reduce a hole

    I have an escape wheel that is loose on the shaft. Is it best to close the hole with a stake? If so, which type of stake? I need to reduce the hole by 2 or 3 thou'. Thanks,:confused: OZZY
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    American PW repairing a pivot

    I have an 18s elgin. The pivot on the escape wheel is broken. How can I drill the end in preparation for fitting a replacement end piece. Does it need heat treating? Thanks in Advance, OZZY
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    luminous hands

    Can any tell me how to restore the luminous hands on my military pocket watch?? Thanks in advance for any assistance, OZZY

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