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    JKA Feintaster Calibration

    Thank you for all your guidance. I loosened the right hand anvil as suggested and moved it to the right to ensure the gauge was closed only on the left hand jaws. I then measured the thickness of a small piece of paper in the left hand jaws and transferred the paper to the right hand side of...
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    JKA Feintaster Calibration

    I have a JKA Feintaster gauge which I use for measuring pocket watch components. It is the regular type you see on eBay all the time, with a small table on the right and a set of jaws on the left. I have tried checking it’s accuracy by measuring the diameter of various ball-bearings. These...
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    Identify Mainspring Winder

    I just acquired a smaller sized mainspring winder. Does anyone recognise the maker? It did not come with any additional components, I guess to use it I would need to purchase some cups to wind the spring into. I would be interested to find instructions for this particular model if anybody has...
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    Hampden 18s pallet arbor

    All good suggestions, but unfortunately, I don't have a lathe, that's why I'm looking for an alternative. If you think that there is no hope in finding a replacement, then I'll try to find a friendly watch maker who'll make me up one.
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    Hampden 18s pallet arbor

    I am repairing an 1877 Hayward grade Hampden pocket watch. One of the pivots on the pallet lever arbor is broken. Does anyone know of a source for this item? It is a friction fit arbor, 0.6mm in diameter, 5.26mm long overall, with 0.2mm diameter pivots. Is there a generic replacement for...

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