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    Tall Clock, O. Roberts, Eton, Ohio C.1808

    I thought some may be interested in pictures of a somewhat scarce clock from thr early days of Ohio statehood. I apologize for the picture quality but the clock had to go when we moved into a smaller home with low ceilings. The clock was purchased in Richmond ,Indiana, just over the line from...
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    Hampden 12 sz Case Question

    I have had problems with Hampden 12sz movements fitting Hampden cases even in the same model. My question is will a 12sz lever set Hunter Dueber Grand in a Model 1, 3/4 plate movement and the same Dueber Grand in a Model 2 bridge movement take the same case?:confused::confused::confused:
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    Illinois bunn special movement markings

    I have one of the last 60 hour Bunns before the 161s started. The movement is marked "Illinois Watch" without the "Co" I read that there is a name for this variation but I forgot what it was and searching is a very complicated thing for me anyway, all I get is two references to hundreds of posts...
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    United States Watch Company KW Dial&Hands

    I found this pillar plate with the dial attached in my junk and thought I would like to know what model key wind 18 sz that it would be appropriate for among the United States Watch Company models. It has the square arbor for front setting of the hands. The hands are the ones with a mirror...
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    Watch out of storage running fast

    I recently acquired a Hamilton 992 that was last serviced in late 1950's and stored without ever being used again until now. It is running slightly fast with the regulator all the way to slow,about 5 seconds fast in 24 hours. It looks to be pretty dry, would this cause the watch to run fast...
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    Illinois dial and hand questions

    Do the Illinois Bunn Specials with the plum colored hands also have a plum colored second hand? I have seen several with just blued second hands and wonder if they are original. How common are the dials with the little diamonds on the hour pointing inward?......Thanks in advance.........Keith
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    Proper setting of hands

    Is there a preferred and proper way to set the hands? Is clockwise or counterclockwise preferred and why?..............Keith
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    Howard L size Problem

    My problem is the watch runs like a champ but only the second hand moves. The center wheel and center pinion seem to be loose on the center arbor. Are the wheel and pinion meant to be a friction fit similar to the cannon pinion? The end of the arbor protrudes thru the top plate with a spring...
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    Foot locations Elgin 16sz Dial

    I have a 16 sz Elgin dial with feet at approx.55-36-19 minutes. Would this dial fit both open face and hunting movements? Thanks for your help...............Keith
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    Who made 16s,Male stem,Lever set, Hunting Movmnts?

    I have seen South Bend and Hampden 16 size lever set hunting movements but none that had male winding stems. I came across an empty 16sz hunting case that was set up for a male stem lever set movement. Can anyone tell me who made such a watch and about when? Thanks.........Keith
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    Hamilton 4 footed dials

    Did Hamilton make 4 footed dial watches in other than 16 size? Do the 4 footed dials fit both open face and hunter movements?...........Thanks, Keith
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    992B compared to 992E

    I ran a search o this topic but didn't come up with any thing. Forgive me if this is old thrashed out stuff,but I get the impression that the 992B is the superior watch to the 992E. Is this based on 992B's superior design, if so exactly what features? Or are there performance figures from actual...
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    Early Hamilton 975 P Set Stem Needed

    I have an early Hamilton 975 pendant set movement that needs a stem that works with the pendant set feature to activate the set mode. I need the stem or someone who can put my movement in my case. Thanks in advance.........Keith
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    Early Howard Dilemma

    Early Howard movements are listed for sale daily in some variety, but I can't recall ever seeing an original case for any of these movements for sale. Is there a generally acceptable alternative to an original case that would allow some of these movements to function again at their potential as...
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    HELP-N Y Standard-Keystone Watch Co.

    I have a New York Standard 16s Bridge movement serial number BC 65752. I think it was made when the Keystone case company owned N Y Std. Can anyone give me an educated guess as to the date of this watch movement and the chronology of the date of the Keystone ownership and the end of N Y Std...
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    Elgin Pocket Watch made in France

    Yesterday I picked up this nice appearing 16s pocket watch that is cased in a Star 10k RGP case marked cased and timed at the elgin factory. The watch has no serial number that I can see. It is 17j and marked Elgin 755,unadjusted France. What can you tell me about this watch. Thanks...........Keith
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    Need help identifying case maker. Do you have access to Neibling's or Ehrhardt"s

    I need help in identfying maker of a case I just acquired. Do you have access to Neibling's or Ehrhardt's books on casemakers? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Early Waltham Coin "EAGLE" cases

    Shugart's Watch Guide has several listings among early key wind coin Walthams that apply to watches with an "eagle" case. Can anyone post a picture of what this "eagle" hallmark or whatever you call it,looks like? Thanks in advance.
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    Illinois 409

    I need you Illinois experts to tell me if the 12sz 409 movement will fit in a standard 12 sz case? I seem to have a terrible time fitting 12 size movements to a case. I had two Hampden 12sz movements same grade and not too many numbers apart and they were worlds apart in size. Thanks in advance
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    Hamilton 992 with bold silvered dial

    I have an early 992 Hamilton with a bold Arabic silvered dial. My question is, was this type dial approved for R.R. use on some or all lines?

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