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    Pocket Watch ID Help

    I have a pocket watch that I would like to get a bit of information if possible. The movement is Swiss, and is signed Sterlitz Bros, however there are no other markings except for the "SWISS" stamp on the plate near the balance. The case is open face (screw on) and the back is screw on as well...
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    Electric WW Benrus Parts

    I have a Benrus Self-Winding wristwatch given to me by my father. The Crown is missing as is the male stem, and the female stem is severely corroded due to the other two missing. It runs, but not so well without being able to set the time. A portion of the sleeve for the stem on the outside...
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    Hettich Mantle Clock #2

    My second Hettich purchase was actually intended as a possible parts donor for the first one purchased based mostly on the pictures provided and condition at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, the only place that one picture is not worth a thousand words is ebay®. Even after additional...
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    Schatz Wall Clock #48 Mvmt

    Just received latest acquisition intended as a gift. Was running a bit fast, so I opened the back and found what looks like a generous use of graphite powder. Unfortunately, I cleaned the largest area near the mainspring housing before taking a picture, but remnants are still visible around...
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    Hettich Mantle/Table Clock

    I bought this in late November and spent more than a few hours fixing what got broke before I got it, specifically, the left horn on the pallet fork. Unfortunately, it was broken all the way down to the bottom where it connects to the right half, (connected is not the right term, as it looks to...
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    Schatz Elexacta

    I recently purchased one of these clocks and have been struggling to get it working. I was fortunate in that nearly everything was there, including the wall mount, the tips and the cups. The only thing out of order was a jury-rigged fishing weight with a slotted piece of brass soldered to the...
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    Schatz & Sohne #59 Regulator Spring

    A recent purchase requires replacement of the regulator spring. I am hopeful someone can point me to a possible source. Saw an assortment at Clockworks, but I don't think they would work as pre-assembled. I considered making one from a 0.007 inch diameter guitar string, however, that is...
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    Kundo World Time Clock, Kieninger & Obergfell Western Germany

    I recently purchased one of these clocks and found the glass has a crack and needs replacing. Does anyone know what the secret is to getting the case apart? I have searched the net to no avail. I have examined it closely and simply cannot see where (or how) the outer ring can be separated or...
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    Kieninger Cable Question

    I purchased a 84 P 65cm, PS026 Kieninger movement complete less case and weights. I then purchased two shells (brass - 60mmx245mm) and added lead weight to 9.9 lbs each. It is currently mounted on a makeshift backboard My question is this. The chime weight pulley drum has the hole for the cable...

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