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    CLOCKS MAGAZINE did this nice display. Great feature.

    My Black forest clock collection: Proudly featured in Clocks Magazine, The whole issue was dedicated, front and back covers, and full center-spread, :) Pretty cool. Turned out great I thought. We have a great group page on FACEBOOK...

    ANY clocks and information on Alexander Fleig, Black forest clock maker. POST HERE:

    After a somewhat dedicated recent thread, another collector shared a clock they were seeking information about. Seeming to find very little from the history books about Alexander Fleig, I thought I might dedicate a thread. Share away, Anyone out there have any more information about the...

    Curious about my early English tall case. Can anyone help?

    I got this lovely tall case in a trade years ago, I never looked much into it. Can anyone help shed some light on it? I liked it because I thought it was pretty early, and the case style I thought was a nice one. Interested to know more. Many thanks.

    HELP ID: anyone ever seen this label? Found in italy but from the Black forest.

    PL& Co stamped in the wood. A total mystery. anybody seen this one or can reference it? Many thanks. :) Pretty excited about this one. (more to come)

    Never seen one like it? anybody seen one before???? WOW! What is it?? Retro?

    Ok fellas, Its not often I am stumped. Not often at all.... In all my years of pretty serious exploring, I have never seen a cuckoo movement with a hair spring escapement. On first look, I dismissed it as retrofit, but on closer inspection, I think its legit!! In 20+ years of...

    Propeller clock? What is this? Help anyone?

    A dear find from a dear friend, He has this antique photo of his mother in the old days. In the background is a very curious clock. I told him I know JUST the guys to ID it. :) Any information would be greatly appreciated. he has made a mission of finding one. :) Thanks fellas.

    Exceptional Beha Black forest "double cuckoo" clock, 2 cuckoo birds. Johann Beha

    This Black forest Beha cuckoo clock is one of exceptional status. This is a very rare "double cuckoo" made Ca 1880, by Johann Baptist Beha. This is a simple 30hr wall cuckoo, weight driven, and in a rather simple, but beautiful architectural case. What makes this clock special is its rare...

    Another gorgeous variation on the exposed bird Beha cuckoo clocks. A wall version.

    This is another Black forest cuckoo clock of extreme rarity. Ca 1870, made by Johann Baptist Beha. Several features set it far apart from most others. Its about 35" tall and in a magnificent carved Gothic case. Its full carved, sides included. An 8" carved dial, featuring very unusual...

    A Rare Beha Black forest exposed bird cuckoo, 8 day, twin fusee table clock.

    This is a Black forest cuckoo clock of extreme rarity. Ca 1875, made by Johann Baptist Beha. Several features set it far apart from most others. Its about 30" tall and in a magnificent carved Gothic case. Its full carved, sides included. An 8" carved dial, featuring very unusual original...

    Exceptional quality from the Black forest 1875. Johann baptist Beha Fully restored.

    With a full and loving restoration a massive triple fusee 8 day wooden "monk & cuckoo" clock movement. Standing about a foot tall.

    Johann Baptist Beha. A gorgeous architectural wall cuckoo clock. 8 day fusee.

    A stunning Gothic architectural Beha wall clock, featuring a massive double fusee 8 day movement in wood plates. Seen here in amazing condition and with a loving touch its running like the day it was made. Ca 1870-ish, with a nice big plump bird. :)

    Fantastic find. A set of weights I found on a Black forest clock. AMAZING!

    Coolest clock weights I ever saw. I just unwrapped these and they were a total surprise. These I would consider trench art. At first I thought they were just a delightfully unusual set of clock weights, but exploring a little I realized they are (around) WW1 and measure 38mm, German...

    Very unusual carved table cuckoo clock, PHS Ca 1870. Single fusee 8 day in brass.

    A magnificent carved Black forest table cuckoo clock. PHS (Phillip Haas & Sohne), St Georgen, ..Ca 1870. Large single fusee 8 day brass movement with a very unusual theme carved from a solid block of walnut.. Dueling hares.

    Nice little clock, a look at a rare painted (tin plate) cuckoo from the Black forest

    This is an earlier tin plate painted wall cuckoo from around 1870. This one is not a Beha. I shared another similar that is made by the Johann Baptist Beha firm, this one is made by a pretty fierce competitor, The GHS firm. Gordian Hettich & Sohne. (Furtwangen) Equal in all areas, but for...

    A pair of magnificent and exceptional Black forest automated monk and cuckoo clocks.

    A pair of magnificent and exceptionally rare, Gothic cathedral carved table cuckoo clocks made in 1875 & 1873 by Johann Baptiste Beha. (Eisenbach) The No.931 Over 3 feet tall. These clocks feature their 8 day 3 train triple fusee wood plated movements on a massive scale. About a...

    Close look at a rare "exposed bird" antique Beha Black forest cuckoo clock.

    A VERY rare, antique Black forest Beha cuckoo clock, with a life sized exposed bird. This clock is considered "EXOTIC" as it displays characteristics that are exceptional. Along with the large exposed cuckoo bird, its got lathe turned flute pipes. referred to as "natural pipes" they are by...

    STUNNING Exhibition clock, made in 1860 by Johann Beha

    A clock from my collection. A magnificent carved Baroque wall cuckoo clock made in 1860 by Johann Baptiste Beha for an exhibition in Toomey England. The only documented surviving clock from Behas group at the exhibition. This clock has a massive 8 day double fusee wood plated movement.

    I need to find MYERS REINHARDT. A dutch clock collector. can anyone help me??

    I have heard of a fellow connected here, in the NAWCC , he advertizes in the mart i hear too... He is an expert on Dutch clocks.. I have one that is magnificent which I would dearly like to restore and I need his help. If anyone has his contact information I would be very grateful.

    facebook pages dedicated old Black forest clocks. Also the NAWCC has a great FB page

    Two great groups for those who find yourself on Facebook often enough, Both sites are wonderful.

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