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    Hamilton wrist watch

    Amznwmn, Was the serial number you found on the case back or on the watch movement? The latter is the one used to I.D. the movement. -Cort
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    Hamilton wrist watch

    That is a “Taylor” which was released in 1935 . The 910 was a pocket watch movement. Can you post a pic of the movement in your case?-Cort
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    Andrew, That is the nicest NYS I’ve seen.-Cort
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    A true Frankenstein watch

    This one has a plain Hampden dial.-Cort
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    A true Frankenstein watch

    Found this Hampden at the flea this morning for $30-.. The condition is awful and the watch may have even been in a fire, but when I saw the PL name I couldn’t leave it behind.-Cort
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    How do we say the name?

    It turns out I’ve been pronouncing Cortebert in Dutch all these years.-Cort
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    Post your Novelty watches here

    A friend asked me if I had any car related watches so I dug this out for him. It is a 17j pin lever (Bettlach 8461-74) marketed by Olde England.-Cort
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    American Watch Advertising

    Clint, Me too! I have to believe there is a perfect copy out there somewhere that could be reproduced as a poster.-Cort
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    Waterbury Watch Co.

    That is altogether a nice find, a survivor and nice ad accompaniment too! -Cort
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    Time Capsule: Olympic Rower John Schmitt & His 1930 Elgin Legionnaire Watch

    George Illian might be a candidate (I googled deco-artist-illian). Not conclusive but a ‘maybe’.You can check his cover illustration for “The Wings of Adventure” by Philip Gibbs for comparison.-Cort
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    I’ll be visiting the east coast this week wearing my only pandemic acquisition.. My cousin found my grandfathers Hamilton Otis and gave it to me last year (I’m ESM IV) .It needed a cleaning and minor repairs but it is now as nice as you’re likely to find. -Cort
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    Early-ish Seth Thomas staff number?

    I need a staff for Seth Thomas #5270 but cannot find any information or chart. Does anyone know what I need to look for? Thank you. -Cort
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    Watch Help Wittnauer 32A automatic chronometer mainspring search

    Thank you, it helps a lot. I called them yesterday requesting a spring for the 32a and was told it was obsolete. They do much better if you give them parts numbers. The ones you found are a bit weaker but I might give one a try. -Cort
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    Watch Help Wittnauer 32A automatic chronometer mainspring search

    I am servicing one of these scarce watches (612 made) and cannot find a reference for the mainspring. The spring was in one of those”Do not open!) barrels which is, of course, silly! The bridled spring measures 3x8x 12” but how to look up an equivalent for it? I could try to move the bridle to a...
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    Watch Help Bulova 9AT

    Hi roughbarked, very similar but I would say no. Here is one of the 9AT I have. -Cort
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    Interesting dial.....

    I think that’s the top of the “IV” . Masons, zodiac and Noah’s ark, all on a Canadian dial, terrific!-Cort
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    Watch Help Bulova 9AT

    For starts, you have connect the hairspring stud to the balance cock. The hairspring looks like it will work. I think you may only need a staff (if yours is broken) and a watch repairer who can put it together.-Cort
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    Illinois Ritz Crystal info?

    This might be it but check the measurements.. It may be easier to have a new one made though.-Cort
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    I had one once that had incorrect winding wheels.Jerry led me to someone who was able to provide ones that match yours. Congrats on a wonderful find!-Cort

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