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  1. David S

    Rebushing steel plate with KWM reamers

    I purchased the Made in USA version some time ago and have been happy. David
  2. David S

    Wild Man with a punch!

    Could it be casting defects? David
  3. David S

    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    Bill, The main frame is made from 0.100" x 0.7" x 7.0" aluminum bent to form a 3" overall length. The threaded rod is just some 5/16" fine all thread that I had. The entire unit is 4" total length. The square steel piece that grabs the pinion is indeed steel tubing. David
  4. David S

    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    Yes I did. However you can purchase electrical nipples that are almost the same size, which already have a hole down the centre. David
  5. David S

    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    Here is a home made puller that I use. Use these to get the pinion up off the plate. squeeze them with pliers. all the parts David
  6. David S

    Using a Reamer

    Assuming no runout in your drill press, you want to ream all the way up to and including the part of the reamer that has parallel sides. David
  7. David S

    How do I mark ALL forums read?

    Great it is now repaired. Thank you. David
  8. David S

    How do I mark ALL forums read?

    Hi all, A few days ago I could mark all forums read by clicking on the horological education button on the left of the corresponding forum. It would take me to a New page with the mark forum read icon visible. This is now missing. David
  9. David S

    Shop Space

    Hi Stan, My shop is in the basement and has all of my stuff that I would consider my shop machining, and clockwork. Size is about 10' by 12 ' Work area is in two groups, One is tall where I can stand and work and is about elbow height when I am standing. The other bench is traditional heavy...
  10. David S

    Push notifications

    Same questions from me. David
  11. David S

    Recommended Heat Gun

    Jim, My experience would indicate that having variable heat seating and variable fan speed is very beneficial. The one that I have is a Porter Cable. David
  12. David S

    I opened the time barrel and Surprise!

    Here is mine David
  13. David S

    West Coast Wildfires

    I pass along my best wishes with Frank. David
  14. David S

    Tom McIntyre - 2020 NAWCC Volunteer of the Year

    Congratulations Tom. I see on the leader on the right side of the screen that you are there all the time. Thank you. David
  15. David S

    Cuckoo Music Box Question

    Are there any threads in the hole in the right hand boss? David
  16. David S

    Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans

    Eteo66, Here is a link to one. Joe Colins winder.....automatic brake??? David
  17. David S

    Starcam removal, Hamburg American

    Hi Dan In response to your PM to me this morning. I do not have an pics of the strike part of this movement. That was quite a while ago. David S
  18. David S

    Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans

    Nicely done Alta. Joe will be impressed. David
  19. David S

    Next Project: Joe Collins Winder

    Yes hard wood from HD (3/4"). David
  20. David S

    Solved Broken crutch wire

    Crush the wire where it will go into the hole and drive it in. David

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