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  1. Snapper

    Help Westclox hand removal

    It is a timepiece only, there is no alarm.
  2. Snapper

    Help Westclox hand removal

    Thank you roughbarked. I suspected as much but I was reluctant to force it too much. However, the hands are now off. I have to say that I would not normally attempt repairing these movements but for a friend I said I would try. Two other things puzzle me; The spring barrel has no ratchet or...
  3. Snapper

    Help Westclox hand removal

    A friend has asked me to look at this Scottish Westclox which is running erratically. It's easy to see why when you look at the congealed oil and muck. However I cannot find a way of removing the minute hand, which seems to be in a seriously close partnership with its arbor. I have tried holding...
  4. Snapper

    How to Un-post A New Message

    Just type "Deleted" in the reply and post that.
  5. Snapper

    Daniel M. Weiss, RIP

    Very sad. I enjoyed reading his posts and his take on life. Thanks Dan for your wisdom.
  6. Snapper

    Sherline lathe and choices.

    I have the metric version. Whilst I was brought up with inches, claculation is so much easier in metric and over the years have become confortable with both.
  7. Snapper

    Sherline lathe and choices.

    I also use the long bed Sherline. If you intend to use the lathe purely for clocks then the short bed would probably be all you need. However, and it is a big "however", I would wager that you will use it for more than clock once you have had it a while and you may then wish you had purched the...
  8. Snapper

    What's up with the Forums site advertising???

    Use an ad blocker.
  9. Snapper

    Query name???

    Not in the Uk but you could try here:
  10. Snapper

    Ad Blocking Software

    All forums cost money, but some avoid advertisements by asking for voluntary donations. I have already indicated my willingness to support the NAWCC forum by this means and I'm sure others too would far prefer that than suffering repeated useless and irritating pop-ups which can present a...
  11. Snapper

    Query name???

    I've always known them as beat plates.
  12. Snapper

    Help AdBlocker

    Refer to Ad Blocking Software
  13. Snapper

    Ad Blocking Software

    I understand that as it relates to posted photographs, but how does this relate to pop-up advertisements?
  14. Snapper

    Ad Blocking Software

    Maybe as a non member I am on less than firm ice here, but the fact is I don't want to be bombarded with advertisements when I use the site. I would not attempt to contact any advertiser from a pop up so they are wasted on me anyhow. Yes I use a blocker too for the same reasons as the OP and...
  15. Snapper

    Any shorthand experts....?

    I think Pitman's relies on not only the shape but the thickness of the characters which would be difficult to produce using a scriber or the like. Maybe some variety of eastern script?
  16. Snapper

    We've All Been There

    And why does the tiniest screw, pin or clip alway, always, always find the tiniest gap twixt cabinet and floor in which to lurk? Why can't it just lay on the floor in plain sight?
  17. Snapper

    What is acceptable in dial restoration?

    I suppose there are at least two sides to this conundrum. If the clocks are being restored by a dealer to sell on to the public, the average non clock enthusiast would probably neither know nor care whether the ageing or paint was old or new as long as the clock looks right to the purchaser. On...
  18. Snapper

    Grease for main springs

    I've been using Slick 50 for a few years now with great success. I believe it comes in two flavours, one of which is fully synthetic and that is the variety I use.
  19. Snapper

    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    I hope this is not regarded as too new. This Roamer Vanguard has enormous sentimental value to me as it was a gift from a very close relative when I passed my examinations for grammar school way back in the early sixties. In those days this was not a cheap watch and it accomapanied me from the...

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