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  1. Chris Radek

    Looking for tech sheet for Rare Seiko Dolce 8N41 or 8N20

    I suspect they have binary weighting, each switch having twice the effect on rate as the previous. It would be very straightforward to flip them one at a time and measure the effect on a timer. Mine reads to 0.01 sec/day in just a few seconds.
  2. Chris Radek

    Elgin, Grade 479, 12s - circa 1927

    I think buying these assortments is always a disappointment. If you have a glass lathe to cut them to the sizes you need, maybe they're useful...? I think the good options are to use a modern domed mineral glass crystal if appropriate, or send it to Dave to have him fit a vintage crystal, or...
  3. Chris Radek

    Barwise File.

    Wow, it's neat. I love the upside-down "hanging" barrel. Did the missing stop works reappear in the mail? It's a miracle!
  4. Chris Radek

    Need help finding a jewel JLC 463

    Is it friction fit? You can order a new seitz jewel from any parts house. The important measurements are just hole and outside diameter size, both of which you can measure directly (if the hole is a mess, you'll want to ream it up to the next size.)
  5. Chris Radek

    Incabloc Practice

    In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with using an automatic oiler like a Bergeon 1A on assembled settings. I find that a lot quicker and easier than oiling the cap and then assembling. But if the balance is left in the movement with the settings removed for cleaning (as is typical)...
  6. Chris Radek

    Function balance I hate hairsprings! Coned hairspring….

    It looks like it has a flat part and a cone part. Hold both ends of the cone part and pull it coneward in the opposite direction. Do it a little at a time and study each result. Your first pulls shouldn't change the shape. Do it a little more each time and sneak up on the amount of pull that...
  7. Chris Radek

    Vintage Car Clock

    I would guess this is a VFD, not a LCD screen. If so it will have both a high voltage (50-200V?) and a low voltage (1-2V) filament power supply. I agree replacing the caps is the first thing to try. It may also be made of a lot of TTL so it needs a whole lot of 5V. If you open it up and take...
  8. Chris Radek

    Seiko 6119C Day wheel display - between days

    I think you just push the crown in to quickset it. The 6119C supports dual languages, and it sounds like you only have one printed on your disc.
  9. Chris Radek

    Barwise File.

    It's certainly a duplex!
  10. Chris Radek

    Schild Co. car clock

    I don't think it is; the gearing is all wrong. I think that's the wheel that runs the minute hand. I suspect this is an 8-day movement, and I admit I don't quite see how the train works. There is a stack of two "center" wheels, the lower one probably turned by the barrel, and it's connected...
  11. Chris Radek

    Waltham 37 Size 8 Day

    Just for fun: here's a club foot of a small escape wheel sitting on my microscope calibration slide. This would be hard to measure with a micrometer because the next tooth is in the way, but it's easy to see it's 0.23~0.24 mm.
  12. Chris Radek

    Waltham 37 Size 8 Day

    In addition to gage pins, you might also consider getting a microscope calibration slide. They are not expensive. They come in several styles with 0.01 mm markings etched on them. Many parts, like your roller, can just sit on or under the slide and be measured pretty well by eyeball with your...
  13. Chris Radek

    Mobilia trench watch movement identification

    It is the 1956 Swartchild catalog. They sold tools and material, especially assortments (mainsprings, stems, jewels, etc). Sometimes their book has information that's not in Bestfit.
  14. Chris Radek

    Mobilia trench watch movement identification

    How sad. What was a simple repair is now more challenging. Seitz center jewels are available in 2.00, 2.30 and 2.60 outside diameter in pretty much any hole size. You would need both measurements to order the right one. It looks like 2.50 is not a common Seitz size, if that's actually the...
  15. Chris Radek

    Beat adjustment, the easy way

    I watch to see if the hairspring is expanding or contracting when my timer adds a dot on the top line, and that tells me which way the collet needs to turn. (Of course the beat error tells me about how far.) It's common I get it very close in one try. Also this way I can tell the difference...
  16. Chris Radek

    Electric WW LeCoultre 352 (Girard-Perregaux 352) repair notes

    Hi Mohammad, Welcome to the forum! There are no motors available to buy. Your motor not stepping may be caused by a bad motor, or bad circuitry, or bad quartz. It may also be simple corrosion or bad connections. If the motor is bad it is easily confirmed with an ohm meter after removing...
  17. Chris Radek

    Club-foot Escape Wheel Cutting?

    Apparently my memory is sometimes still trustworthy: my copy of Daniels's Watchmaking does show a sequence of three cutters that make this tooth form. I have the 1999 edition.
  18. Chris Radek

    American PW Hamilton 18S 17J 940 full plate running fast after repair

    Those timings look quite good, with the horizontals matching, and the verticals clustered around the horizontals, with a clear pattern of somewhere between up-right being the slowest and left-down being the fastest. It's too bad it doesn't have quarter screws, because that makes it easy. But...
  19. Chris Radek

    Need help with installing a spring without a barrel

    Can you put the plates together with the center of the spring mounted, and the rest hanging out the side? Then you could wind it to pull the spring in, and then finally put the outer end on its post.

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