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  1. Rockin Ronnie

    New Haven Anglo American

    Intriguing clock case design. I have a similar movement in a tall case clock. they are called square aperture movements and Anglo American as you said.
  2. Rockin Ronnie

    Anglo American (3)

    I have a similar movement in a hall clock. On mine, the strike fan occupies the inner pivot hole and it is for a 27-inch pendulum.
  3. Rockin Ronnie

    New Haven

    Do you have a photo of the movement?
  4. Rockin Ronnie

    Can anyone identify the model of this Ansonia?

    Some would simply have tossed it out. What a nice restore. Ron
  5. Rockin Ronnie

    Jerome & Company 30-hour Steeple

    The overpasted blue label is the retailer
  6. Rockin Ronnie

    Jerome & Company 30-hour Steeple

    I have a slightly later but similar 30 hour New Haven with a Greek Parthenon scene and wonder if these clocks were made specifically for export. Mine was sold by Thomas B. Spike (Jeweler), who operated a shop from the late 1860s to at least 1892, Halifax Nova Scotia (Canada).
  7. Rockin Ronnie

    My first grandfather clock is arriving today!

    I had the same thought, kind of mission influence.
  8. Rockin Ronnie

    Anglo American (3)

    Any photos of the movements? Ron
  9. Rockin Ronnie

    Was Wondering if anyone had a Ridgeway catalog.

    Thanks. It is #96028868 and has a Hermle 451 movement and chain driven. Ron
  10. Rockin Ronnie

    Was Wondering if anyone had a Ridgeway catalog.

    Do you have this one in the 1997 catalog?
  11. Rockin Ronnie

    Elisha Manross OG clock

    Given that Manross died in 1856 your clock would be around that period. Ron
  12. Rockin Ronnie

    Pequegnat Montreal Mantle Clock

    I don't see many Montreals. The strike add-on assembly is interesting. Ron
  13. Rockin Ronnie

    Who is the movement maker?

    From my research, it could be a Juba, Gufa or a Schatz as all three companies appear to have some form of relationship with each other. Ron
  14. Rockin Ronnie

    Who is the movement maker?

    Fleet Time Co. assembled clocks in Montreal between 1936 and 1940 and sourced movements and cases from Germany. This is one of their mantel clocks. I have another with a Gufa Westminster chime movement but this is an unmarked time and strike with an unusual (to me anyway) external star wheel...
  15. Rockin Ronnie

    My Seth Thomas Find

    I have 4 clocks from the 1870s that are hour strike only.
  16. Rockin Ronnie

    Junghans wall clock with aftermarket hands

    Usually, these box clocks would have a spade hour hand and spear minute hand. Ron
  17. Rockin Ronnie

    My Seth Thomas Find

    The town of Thomaston was incorporated in 1875, which would put your clock after that date. However, ST may have used Thomaston on their movements a year or two earlier.
  18. Rockin Ronnie

    My new Vienna regulator

    Very nice. The crown is especially ornate. Ron
  19. Rockin Ronnie

    Ingraham Grecian shelf clock

    Movement serviced, case refreshed, dial has new tabs to keep it in place, new right side winding hole grommet. The moon hands are too short, still waiting for hands that are the correct length from a supplier. Ron
  20. Rockin Ronnie

    Ingraham “Thorn” Mantle Clock

    Thanks, I can see how the rate adjustment is set up now. Attractive little clock.

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