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    Ansonia jewelers pin regulator

    Found this recently and have it running. It resembles an Ansonia No. 17. Height is 85", width 18". Case is walnut with a paneled back. The movement appears to be French. No marks except the number "72" stamped on the works. Has it been cut down after a fall and made into a floor standing clock...
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    8 or 9 tube antique clock movement

    Purchased a basket case movement. No sign of the case or other parts. On the dial it states "built by Max ?embeck. I cannot locate any information on this gentleman. Beautiful dial, what there is of it.
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    Identification of westminster movement

    From a repairmans horde it is missing both fans, one barrel and its spring. With the unusual finish on the plates i would like to get it running. Can anyone identify the maker? The markings tend to make me think its German.
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    Seth Thomas 120F minute shaft clutch issues

    Does anyone have some pictures of the clutch properly installed in the minute shaft? I received one for repair and the minute hand will not advance. Discovered the clutch spring is missing. My somewhat faulty memory tells me it goes on the back of the minute shaft with a small bushing.
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    Cuckoo bellows material

    After a customer dropped off 12 cuckoos for repair i decided to give tyvek another try. A tyvek envelope was dismembered and tumbled with jewelers steel media for 4 hours. Worked great, material is nice and pliable. Just make sure to remove that pesky adhesive strip first.
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    Seth Thomas 77A movement

    Just received this clock. During my pre-tear down checks i noted it is missing an arbor and lever. Arbor located at the top right from the back of the clock. It looks like the lever was intended to engage the large wheel on the winding arbor. The clock runs well without it. Does the missing...
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    Large Russian regulator

    A Russian regulator, i believe. The one on the right. It is 60 by 20 inches with a 12 inch dial. Can anyone provide ansight as to the date or the maker. I am guessing about 1890.
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    Very large Seth Thomas gilt mantle clock

    This clock case is 32" long with an 8" dial. Unfortunately the movement is MIA and it has been quartzed. The case is in very good condition, possibly gold plated given the brilliance of the finish. Can anyone provide a name for this model and the type of movement that was used? I am guessing one...
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    Gustav Becker movement terminology

    I'm working on the pictured movement. The vertical pin attached to the crutch is new to me. Does it have a purpose or name?
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    M & P Grand Sonnerie Vienna regulator

    I was fortunate enough to pick this one up at a local auction. Josef Mühlhauser / Mühlhauser & Pleskot dating, I believe, to roughly the 1880s. It is a most unusual case for a Vienna regulator. Looks more mid-century. The works are original to the case as there are no signs of swapping...
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    Herschede westminister mantle clock

    I have received this one for repair. It is my habit to run the clock for several cycles, if possible, prior to disassembly and cleaning. This one chimes correctly but does not strike correctly, I suspect timing of the levers and pins governing the strike. Under close visual inspection there...
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    Self winding clock co. Master?

    I recently found this large SWCC wall clock, approximately 40" tall. It appears to be a master with extra solenoids to send pulses to slave clocks. It has an external bell which I haven't seen before. Was this to notify the user the clock was being synchronized? The bell mechanism is manually...
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    30 hour one hand clock strikes 15 minutes early

    The clock is by Thomas Kefford. One handers are new to me. What is the procedure for adjusting the strike.
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    Thos Kefford tall case circa 1710

    My first experience with a one hand clock and also the earliest clock I have worked on to date. It is in decent condition and will run for a short period. Looking forward to working with this one.
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    E. Howard brass double faced depot/corridor clock

    This clock was reputed to be from the old railroad depot in Tampa FL. To date I have been unable to verify this. It certainly has the Art Deco look. Searching the web has not yielded any similar clocks with a brass case/shell. The movements are standard slave movements which I have not had the...
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    Chelsea/Boston small movement

    The movement appears to be brush nickel plated and is marked Boston. The movement is 2 5/8" OD. The dial is marked Chelsea. Given the serial number on the clock and case, 26949B, this would date a Chelsea movement to roughly 1906. Any thoughts?
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    Musical longcase

    This clock has a mahogany case and cloth covered ports in the bonnet, to let the sound out. Nearly the entire back of the clock is also cloth held in place with with molding. It stands nearly 90" and chimes on 8 nested bells. It appears the dial has been replaced or repainted. The movement has...
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    Architectural gallery clock

    This is a recent find and I do not have any history. I can only presume it is from a bank, drug, or jewelry store or similar business. The dial is about 16" in diameter. The entire piece is 40" long by 30 high and weighs about 90 pounds. The movement has no markings and is time only. Can anyone...
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    Welch Spring time only regulator?

    This clock shares a lot of characteristics with a Welch Spring Co. regulator but I cannot isolate it to a particular model. Perhaps a number two with no seconds bit? Any information would be appreciated. I am particularly interested in the tension spring for the minute hand as this part is...
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    English tall case - Blakeley Liverpool

    This is a mid 19th century clock with an automated "rocking ship" dial. The maker has me stumped. Any information would be appreciated.

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