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    Duplicating Hamilton late 992B "Black" hand bluing

    I am adept at conventional steel heat bluing. I am trying to get the Black color Hamilton had on their watch hands. It must have been a chemical process. Has anyone the recipie? Thanks a bunch.
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    Best Moebius lubes for 992B

    Just ready to assemble Ham 992B. I have the following Moebius lubes: 9020/2, 9415/2, 9010/2, 8141 (natural oil), 8201 (moly), 8200 (light grease) Is 9415/2 OK for pallet stones? Will not oil pallet fork arbors. Used 8200 on mainspring. Used moly on barrel arbors, clutch, winding arbors...
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    992B Case identification

    Here is a 992B C4109XX serial number 1954 mfg date, Star 10K rolled gold case. It looks like the #15 case in Stainless Steel. Did they make a #15 in gold? or is this a different style. I am looking for a new sleeve and stem. Thanks in advance MG
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    Hamilton 992B with Star case #15

    Can anyone tell me if this case has the original stem and sleeve. Looks like maybe someone installed a screw-in repair sleeve. The case is Star watch Co. #15 There is a lot of end shake and side shake on the crown. Thanks MG
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    Help ST #10 Verge needed

    Does anyone have a good condition verge for a ST #10 movement?
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    Timegrapher 1000/1900 on balance wheel clock movements.

    Just finished restoring a ST Merrimac ships bell clock (#7 movement). Problem is that escapement is so noisy that usual timer app on My Iphone (Timegrapher) has a hard time . Will a timegrapher 1000 or 1900 work well on such movements? Thanks.

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