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    Ansonia ID help

    Can anyone help me with a model name for this new clock I acquired? It’s an iron case ansonia dates 1881 on the inside
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    New clock, how old?

    Acquired a marriage of sorts, a 1922 herschede in what appears to be a much older case. The hood is extremely fragile with thin wood over a curved arch top, dovetailing holding the center chimney in place and brass finials. Looking at my pics can anyone advise on approximate age of the case...
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    Ornate case - who is maker?

    Wondering who maker is and potentially the model name. I’d like to source the right crown topper but don’t know what it would have looked like.
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    Help identifying floor clock

    Looking for any information on this clock. I believe it might be made by Sessions but I can’t find any details. Can someone help with a model name or year?
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    E. Ingraham Dew Drop dating

    I have seen a dew drop clock that has the e ingriham naming on the dial circling the center hub where the hands attach (branding displayed right at the center of the dial face). Does this offer any clues as to the age of the clock? Is it an earlier or later model? I ask because many I have...
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    Help with ID of Seth Thomas

    Can anyone offer help in providing info on this clock? None of the ones I’ve found seem to match this design...
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    Seth Thomas Fleet

    I’m not a fan of the gingerbread style, but went to a recent estate sale and couldn’t leave this one behind. It runs beautifully and the case/glass seemed to be in great shape. The original label is also in the back.
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    New Haven Regulator # 25

    Got this in pieces for $25. After completing the repairs, I’d say it’s one of my favorites!
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    Ansonia Question

    Is this clock rare or fairly common? Any info on it would be appreciated. I have the opportunity to pick it up for what I think is a fair price and I’d like a bit more information before I close the sale...
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    Help identifying

    I know it’s French, but any idea of maker or design name?
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    Original hand style and size for French clock

    Having difficulty determining which hands will fit this French clock. Any ideas on the original style, length and square spindle size? Timesavers has a bunch of options and a set with a 2mm square bushing proved too small to fit this... it’s a 4” dial edge to edge.
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    Seating pallet jewels

    Ok, so I’m going to attempt reseating some loose jewels in an open escapement French clock. I’m planning to use shellac and am wondering how to go about heating the pallet to make adjustments along the way. Do I need specialized tools?? Pretty new to this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thx
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    Looking for clock info

    Seeking out info on this clock. I think it’s a new haven but any info on model, year, etc would be appreciated. I Also, it seems to also run solidly and has a steady and even tic-tic beat but runs several hours than suddenly stops. Any insight on that would be helpful too. I’m new to this.
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    Not old but pretty

    Got this beauty for $40. Runs and chimes nicely. Thoughts on the model name? It’s a Howard Miller 620-265. Please let me know if you think i got it for an OK price. Thx
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    S. Marti Mantel Clock

    Picked up this clock last week and just waiting on a new pendulum spring to get her running. It seems otherwise to be in working order (fingers crossed). Any insight into a possible model name or additional info? It’s quite large and I’ve not seen anything in its design online. It’s...

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