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    Early Juf with untypic pendulum

    Recently I purchased a interesting Juf probably made just after last numbered Harder clock was made. The interesting is that I was pretty sure that the barrel was replaced. But when I worked with the movement I noticed that it has the same number as on plates? Anyone have a clock like that and...
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    L.R.P. Japy & CIE Medailles dating

    Anyone know exactly which dates movements of L.R.P. Japy & CIE Medailles where produced - there is no information on internet about this version of signature. Here is the pictures of it - serial number 71?
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    Kundo maritime nautica steering wheel - serial 476

    Here is one of the last finds. Oryginal Kundo with serial number 476. I think that Kundo cooperated close with Gustav becker on the beginning of their production (their dials fit kundo plates!). As here we have a unnumbered GB pendulum. Probably Kundo later introduced their long 4 ball pendulum...
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    JUF model?

    Seen a JUF clock in a brass case. Does anyone know the model number from the JUF catalogue and can post a picture of the cataloge. Kamil
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    JUF DRGM 539510 and Huber DRGM 427740

    Just haved a look at DUZ magazines and found two not reported before in this message board DRGMs that are for 400 clocks. They are : DRGM 539510 (for Jahresuhrenfabrik) and DRGM 427740 (for Huber). Any one know something more about them?
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    top pediment

    Hello, Anyone seen a top pediment like that in a badische clock?
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    DRGM's have someone seen them?

    I wonder if all DRGM's are gone? Do they maybe showes up on auctions? I readed recently that all Germans DRGMS are gone (burnt under II world war) is it true? Or maybe of You have possibility to copy them? Many qestions but will go to Berlin soon so want to know if it worth too loose time...
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    Very old Kienzle

    Bought this clock for repair as haved a pendulum which some time ago thought is for a Kienzle (now I pretty sutre it is for Jahresuhrenfabrik clocks JUF). It have a very early number . Sadly the seller did not mentioned that it have missing 1 wheel :( - so if someone have a spare one from early...
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    Jahresuhrenfabrik top pediment

    Recently purchased this top finials with top pediment. But sadly discovered at home that it is quite larger than typic JUF pediment and also have mounting holes in different place. Do someone knows what type of clock it was used?? Regards Kamil
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    An interesting ARTS & CRAFTS clock

    Hello, I just wonder, maybe someone of You know something about this ART CRAFT clock: - who made it? - is the pendulum oryginal? - what is the dating of it? Kinds regards Kamil
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    Thomas Marshall of Lincoln

    Please can someone help me dating this clock. Thanks Kamil
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    strange pendulum with JUF clock

    Have someone seen a pendulum like that - looks like self made - came with a Jahresuhrenclock with a sixty thousand number
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    Posner Schlenker with Kundo pendulum

    A friend just bought these large clock wich should be made only by Kundo, But as we see on the pictures the movement is form a Posner Schlenker clock. So the question is if it is normal that Posner Schlenker used Kundo's bigger pendulums - have someone documented a clock like that? Kamil
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    ended recently is the case oryginal?

    I just Wonder if these case is an oryginal case for an JUF clock Wonder if maybe someone have a catalogue picture of these clock? Link to completed auction Best regards Kamil
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    need help - identify

    A friend of my just bought a new wall clock. Maybe someone can help who produced these clock and what was a date of produce? Thank You for help with it. Kamil
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    What clock was these movement used? Small number

    Recently ended an auction with a movement like that. Cost a fortune so I wonder if someone of You know from which clock these movement came :) Regards Kamil
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    Badische 3 ball pendulum

    Hello everyone, recently found a Badische clock with a pendulum I never seen before. Is it oryginal one ? Looks like the oryginal one, but sadly pictures are low quality. Will make better ones when it cames. The tree ball pendulum in a badische clock is the first time I see -is it a prototype...
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    Harder JUF Fahresuhrenfabrik clock

    Finally have time to look for a pendulum for my old find. Its a Early JUF clock 4081R. If someone have a pendulum for exchange or sell or the finials - please contact me would be very thankful. Please could someone send some (post in thes thread) technical information about the proper pendulum -...
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    another old JUF (circa 1911)

    Here is another JUF I worked some time ago. Four ball pendulum. Thick plate (around 2.3 mm). John which is the last example (serial number) that Juf changed thick plates to thinner ones (around 1.85 mm - with thinn finials) in Your database. I think around 120000?
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    an old JUF - probably 1912

    Hi, here is pictures of clock i recently cleaned (will post new pictures after cleaning in next 3 days). Here is pictures how it looked before. How old is these one, as i think from around 1912?

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