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  1. mynikko

    Need help decipher this Patek certificate

    Hi, I recently acquired a Patek Philippe pocket watch that comes with an original certificate. However, I cannot recognize some of the hand writings. I know I can order an extract from the archive to compare the information of the two, but they just increased the price from 150 to 500 Swiss...
  2. mynikko

    Help What are these mysterious tools/parts?

    (the background green grids are 1 x 1 cm ) Those came with a bunch of vintage watchmaker tools. Apparently those were made by a company called Joseph W. Field. I believe those tools were very likely for pocket watches, because those brass dies are marked with pocket watch sizes (0s, 6s,12s, 18s...
  3. mynikko

    Detent Escapement Wheel Replacement?

    Hi, I am currently working on two detent chronometer pocket watches that suffer the same symptom: running too fast. One gains a few minutes in an hour while the other one basically running 2X the speed (i.e. gaining 30 mins in 30 mins). I think the teeth on the escapement wheels are worn that...
  4. mynikko

    What is the name of this device?

    Hi, I am currently working on a Chinese duplex pocket watch, which is missing a device on the mainspring barrel. I assumed it is a type of stop work to prevent over-winding, but is there a specific term for this type of device (please refer to the picture below, the blue metal click pointed by...
  5. mynikko

    Swiss Watch Brands in the mid to late 19th Century

    Hello all, I know there were hundreds of Swiss watch brands in the 19th century, and most of them are gone now. I am very interested in knowing more about the Swiss watch brands in the 19th century, especially those top brands. I assume that the Swiss watch brands that were considered as...
  6. mynikko

    Repeater: Slider vs Push Button?!

    Hello all, This is one question that I am having trouble finding an answer for years: why the slide-activated repeaters are more desirable than push-button ones? Not only those newly released high-end repeating wristwatches use sliders, even most, of not all, high-end antique repeater pocket...

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