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  1. Jack_W

    Another history from a watch engraving

    Since Robert posted the nice note about the British Sapper, here is the write-up on a watch I bought. Past owner was a WWII US Army Combat Engineer. But you can read the full story here: The Watch of Lt. Col. WA Marshall
  2. Jack_W

    Elgin 554 Waterproof WWII

    When I see the word "Movement" under the name of the brand, it generally signifies to me that a watch has been re-cased and has a non-factory dial. Vintage aftermarket refurbishment.
  3. Jack_W

    Deciphering Elgin A-11 Case back

    What is the plan for it? Looks used but also like it has been polished and re-chromed.
  4. Jack_W

    Deciphering Elgin A-11 Case back

    There is the Military Watch Resources Forum - The Military Watch Resource - Community Fora Jose "JJ" Gomez has a recent and affordable book on how to ID watches. "US Military Wrist Watches" Check Amazon; it seems out of print. The last number is the order number and would change as the war...
  5. Jack_W

    1916 trench watch movement identification?

    More than likely an A. Schild cal. 137. The shape of the balance cock and the type of return spring on the click is like those on known examples. The setting works under the dial would be the best way to tell.
  6. Jack_W

    Gruen Precision 460SS

    I like the cal 460 bumper auto that Gruen produced. The 462 is essentially the same movement with a modification to the winding module. I have two that I have restored... one with the sweep function and another with the sub. Both are early editions with all stainless and Swiss made cases.
  7. Jack_W

    T. Eaton Co Limited wristwatch

    On the " Scepter " name, what I said is that it IS associated with goldfilled cases from Star Watch Case Co. This is from Stan Czubernat's book and here: Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index Negative set is the same as what Elgin and Waltham were using. The type can take a stem sleeve...
  8. Jack_W

    ELGIN military a17A missing hand

    Try Scott McCoy, he can be reached via his website: Watchmaker Scott Use the contact method, rather than relying on what he shows in his inventory.
  9. Jack_W

    Help Letting down the MS...

    That is what I stated with essentially... an empty case that when purchased, I thought was a 0s. SURPRISE!!! it was a coveted 6s early wristwatch case. The case screw marks matched with the 1890 Waltham 6s. So I placed one back into it.
  10. Jack_W

    Help Letting down the MS...

    It is certainly. Was able to find another period appropriate movement, albeit a 7 jewel.
  11. Jack_W

    Hamilton 987S

    That dial I believe was also used in the intra-war edition of the Sentinel.
  12. Jack_W

    Help Letting down the MS...

    That did the trick. Now I have different issues.... jewels for the escape, 4th and 3rd wheels are cracked/shattered. Like it was dropped on the dial side. Seesh. Couldn't see this until the wheels were out of the train. Oh well....
  13. Jack_W

    Help Letting down the MS...

    Normally letting down the mainspring on a watch is pretty straight forward..... How do you let the spring down in a model 1890 Waltham 6s movement?
  14. Jack_W

    To lume or not to lume

    There are the purests... some of the seem to have spoken in the above posts. But if we left watches of this vintage in their "original" condition, they'd be still slowly corroding way. For example, the early non-breakable crystals made of cellulose, decompose over time and off-gas which in turn...
  15. Jack_W

    Unknown Swiss Chronometer

    Definitely agree on the Landeron part, but not so sure on the L48 from the prior post. There were a number of movements and variations within those movements. The three button aspect is very interesting and I have not seen that in the most common 48 or the 51. More likely it is a L47. Paul's...
  16. Jack_W

    Help resurrect 1933 Dietrich Gruen watch

    Wondering if the OP ever got this watch restored.
  17. Jack_W

    Time Capsule: Lt. Nelson Bump's WW1 Cyma Trench Watch

    Another vote for more on the movement, please.
  18. Jack_W

    Rockford Wristwatch

    Here are some images of a 0s and a 3/0s for comparison. The 0s has a dial on it.
  19. Jack_W

    Rockford Wristwatch

    Nope. It is a 3/0s movement for sure.
  20. Jack_W

    Military WWII wristies

    A month late.... Here is my Bulova A-11: I've an Elgin A-11 too, but that one is in need of some serious work. Haven't gotten to it yet.

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