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  1. pidragos

    Siemens electric issue

    Dear all Recently I managed to connect this Siemens electric clock to the power 12V supply. Time ago, the main shaft was repaired as it was broken during transportation. The issue is that the clock does not work, receives power as I checked. It is my first contact with such a clock and not so...
  2. pidragos

    Emil Schauer Turmuhrenfabrik

    does anybody know anything (history) about this Austrian tower clock maker or any catalogs available? I could not find any information excepting the info on the official website that probably is not updated... I recently did few adjustments to such a clock that has an escape wheel with pins. As...
  3. pidragos

    C.F. ROCHLITZ Berlin selfwinding church clock

    Hi Everybody, I have a new big challenge in my area, an interesting self winding church clock made by the German manufacturer C.F. Rochlitz, according identification plate. The clock is complete and looks functional after few trials, but the main point is to get it cleaned. My big concern is...
  4. pidragos

    Strange German church clock F.K.SCHNEIDER

    Dear tower clockers I got these pictures from a friend traveling. it is located within a catholic church in a small Romanian village, west side of the country. Probably it is a German at origins, but never seen something like that. not even the name on it. Any ideas or details about this...
  5. pidragos

    Saving EDUARD KORFHAGE church clock

    I always thought that Orthodox churches do not have clocks within the tower, but I was wrong. A man called me asking to come and see if the church clock can be restored... I was driving to that place, not so far from my city, and surprise, in that area there are about 6 villages with Orthodox...
  6. pidragos

    German Canon made pocket watch?

    has anybody idea about this pocket watch ? looks German, as written on the back D.R.G.M. but no idea about the factory brand, manufactory year etc...
  7. pidragos

    Why main train/ pendulum of church tower clock stopped?

    Hello all, Time ago I posted some info about a tower clock restoration project from a Lutheran church. The mechanism was completely restored (disassembly part by part, cleaning, replacing the anchor wheel and some damaged pinions), but no time to test in place due to some medical issues that...
  8. pidragos

    Lutheran Church clocks - restoration projects

    Dear all, I need some advice for developing a restoration project for some turret clocks that belong to some Lutheran churches from Romania, in Transylvania area. I know what to do, I have experience and know-how, I already did a restoration project with a friend help, but it was a volunteer...
  9. pidragos

    Paris 1880 black mantel clock

    Dear all, I just purchased this superb french clock from It was sold as not functional clock but surprise, it is fully functional. The only issue was the spring where the pendulum leader is hanged, this was bended, therefore could not work properly. The seller, an antiques staff dealer...
  10. pidragos

    JJ Fuchs & Sohn Bernburg Turret CLOCK RESTORATION

    Dear all, I just visited this turret clock in one nice Evangelical church. The movement does not run as cables from the weights are broken and the wheels and the other components are deeply dirty. I will start this project of restoration sooner or later this summer. For me it is very strange...
  11. pidragos

    TOWER CLOCK calculation

    Hi, can anybody help with some mathematical formulas to calculate the pendulum length and the necessary heaviness for the 3 weights of an old TOWER CLOCK dated 1842? Are any other formulas that can help in turret clocks? Thanks, Dragos
  12. pidragos

    Church/ tower clock service

    Dear all, Can anyone give some directions and advices how to make service to church or tower clock mechanism? I do have experience with wall and stand clocks or any other clocks but not with these huge timekeepers. I enclosed also some pictures with an example. In my area are maybe hundreds of...
  13. pidragos

    Wilhelm Jerger ALARM CLOCK wooden top restoration

    Dear clock lovers, I have posted here one of my clock from my own collection, bought from Germany time ago. Unfortunatelly there is no more the wooden case top as seen in the pictures. Can anybody help to identify how this case clock was looking like, I would like to start manufacturing a top to...
  14. pidragos


    Dear all, Probably is not the best place to say, but with all my love in clocks matter :), wish you all, the best Christmas ever and many many clocks/ watches in your collection for the best collectors satisfaction. All the best from SIBIU - ROMANIA. Sincerelly, Dpl.Eng. Dragos Poponea
  15. pidragos

    LONGINES 1936 pocket watch

    Dear all, I have enclosed some pictures with my new acquisition pocket watch, Longines, bought from France. I have some doubts related to hands, even the seller told me they are original. Do you think the hands are original, as they are different design? Is this watch an ordinary Longines pocket...
  16. pidragos

    ROSKOPF patent pocket watch "1a" identification

    Dear all, does anybody know what means "1a" on this pocket watch ROSKOPF brand and which period belongs? Thanks, Dpl.Eng.Dragos Poponea
  17. pidragos

    German Floor Pendulum 3 driven weights clock - chime trouble

    Dear all, dear Tinker Dwight I am posting here now some pictures in details from my supposed Elus floor clock by aprox.1925 (Ernst Lauffer, Schwenningen). The main issue is that the Westminster chime does not work anymore, meanwhile the mechanism itself keeps a very accurate time. How it...
  18. pidragos

    German Floor Pendulum Clock 3 Weights

    Dear all, I have enclosed some pictures of my floor pendulum clock I have. I brought this piece some month ago from Germany, supose it is a German brand, but this is what I need to know. I have no information about it, I do not know which period of time is (supose just it is an Art Deco about...
  19. pidragos

    JUNGHANS pocket watch with alarm - rare

    Dear all, as a passion for clocks and watches I have just joined this forum and hope to get more and new knowledge. My hobby is related to clocks and watches, as a hobby I like to collect and restore them myself. Recently I got an old pocket watch Junghans, as marked on the back case, with alarm...

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