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    Poole Executive #5 frustrations

    I recently acquired a Poole Executive #5 clock. Its condition was not so good so I started by trying to get it going. Eventually it started to run but the impulse frequency was between 9 and 14 complete swings and not running for very long at a time. After many minor adjustments of lever...
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    Bulle Recent Bulle Acquisition

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a Bulle clock and being a type that I was not familiar with, I worked my way thru quite a few postings to better understand the workings. After remagnetizing as per suggestions, it now operates well. Two differences have become apparent between general...
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    Serial number query

    I've just acquired this clock so please excuse its current condition. Restoration to follow. The serial number has me totally confused because of its brevity and the clock can't be as old as the number suggests. I have another clock with the identical backplate and its S/No is 2482651 which I'm...
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    Clock models with 'VP' suffix

    Hi everyone. In looking thru my Ansonia book I notice a few clock models that have VP after the name. Tudor and Sharp Gothic are two that come to mind. Various threads make mention of it standing for 'Visible Pendulum' but there are a lot of similar door panels with no 'VP' added to the model...
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    Identification request

    During recent travels I came across a clock and of course didn't have a camera to take a photo. It had a light oak case, octagonal drop dial with a calendar presentation. Above the center of the dial was a solid five pointed star and below was printed 'United States of America'. Can anyone give...
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    Ansonia Illinois

    Hi Everyone, I have seen a clock advertised that appears to be an Ansonia 'Illinois'. I can't find any reference to them in any threads, nor do any pictures seem to exist on the web. Are they that exclusive and is there any possibility of reproductions being made of this model. It seems too good...
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    HAC acquisition

    Hi everyone, I've just acquired this mantle clock and a couple of questions arise. First of all, can anyone date it please, and secondly, does the number inside the door (3112) relate to the case type, model number or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Gilbert Longcase ID request

    Hi, I've just acquired this clock and would like to find out the model name and its approx year of manufacture.There are no marks at all on the case itself but the movement is a Gilbert Bim-Bam. Any info would be much appreciated.
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    Ansonia Identification request

    Hi Everyone, I have just acquired this Ansonia "boulle" style clock but have not been able to find it in Tran Duy Ly's Ansonia book. Can anyone help with some information please. The decorative piece across the top has been broken off so I'd like to know what that should have looked like. The...
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    Jahresuhrenfabrik clarification request

    Hi Everyone, I've recently acquired a Jahresuhrenfabrik 400 day clock. Nothing special about that but this one has quite a large base and it's made of wood. The diameter of the glass dome is 7¼" and unfortunately is cracked. The back plate of the clock has the letter J in the bottom left corner...
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    GB skeleton anniversary clock

    Hi, I am in the process of building a full size Gustav Becker Skeleton replica. I've never seen one and would never be able to afford one if I did come across one I suspect, hence the project. My chandelier pendulum is almost complete and the frame plates are cut out ready for the pivot holes...

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