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    Mantle Clock Identification

    Hi all, My neighbour rescued this clock the other week and gave it to me because he knows I have a small collection. I am not overly keen on the clock but said I would try and identify it and get it running. The clock is very heavy and appears to be part marble? The front section with the...
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    Over wound possibly?

    Hello all When I was winding up my grandmother clock today the girlf friend was talking to me. Normally it takes ten turns of the key...I could have sworn I only counted 7 and the key jammed up and instead of its normal clicking noise it made this horrible grinding noise whilst the key slipped...
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    Longcase Clock Weights

    Hello all I have just picked up another longcase clock and have a few questions to ask. My first query is that one of the 3 weights is missing the end caps and the bar that goes through the middle yet i have the hook. Is it possible to get hold of the end caps? I have...
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    Cleaning a very dirty movement

    I am an amateur enthusiast and would appreciate some help in how to clean this movement. I have a small ultrasonic bath and some solution but it hasnt really touched this. Any ideas how i could get it clean. Thanks in advance.
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    Just brought this...please help me find some information

    Hello all. I am a keen amateur when it comes to clocks and have roughly 50 old mantle clocks :) My knowledge of movements is limited and I can dismantle, clean, rebuild and oil striking movements in mantle clocks but have never felt confident enough to dismantle a westminster movement. I have...
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    clock cleaning

    Hello all...i have recently started out in clock collecting and basic maintenance and my latest clock is a Napolean Hat clock which is a two train and has a F.H.T label which i presume is the manufacturer? The movement runs correctly but is in a terrible state...I think someone literally empted...
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    Mauthe Mantle Clock Won't WInd

    Hi all... i have am newly into collecting clocks as a hobby and am really struggling with this one. I recetly brought a Striking Mauthe Mantle clock which would Strike but not tick. The symptoms are that when you wind the timepiece spring it winds for a few turns and then it feels as if the...

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