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    Durham's Water Putty

    I have a nice clock but with a broken replacement tablet. Unfortunately it was put in with water putty. :( I believe that it is a form of plaster, not real putty. I want to replace the tablet. Does anyone know of a good removal process? John Teeter
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    Cog Counter's Picnic- Thursday, August 15, 2013, all are invited!

    Just a reminder, according to our founder Ward Francillon, "This is not a mart, there is to be no buying or selling at the picnic". It is just a wonderful exhibit and chance for fellowship with like minded collectors. John Teeter
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    Wood clock movements

    Michael I use boiled linseed oil and turpentine also, but diluted more. I use 1 part oil to 3 parts turpentine and I just wipe it on with a rag, sparingly. This is after cleaning all the disassembled parts with mineral spirits and drying thoroughly. As to the use of oil on the parts, there...
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    Cloister Clock

    I have aquired a Cloister clock Corp. clock, model 2000, No.54 23. It is about 10 1/2" high without the dome and has the domed style bob. It is in running condition but has a bent suspension spring and I would like to replace it. Could someone tell me correct spring thickness for this clock and...
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    Silas Hoadley movement question

    Ephraimdownscollector, Thanks for pursuing this. Unfortunately, even according to Snowden Taylor, who I had posed this question to a while ago, it is just conjecture as no records have come to light that would substantiate it it. Chris Bailey is of the same opinion. We know that Silas was...
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    Silas Hoadley movement question

    I have a Silas Hoadley Pillar and Scroll clock. It is one of those with the Hoadley name misspelled on the label (Silas Hoadly). It has an Ephraim Downs movement which I believe is correct for this clock. What I would like to know is, what was the time period for Silas to be using these Downs...
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    Wood Works Pinion Replacement

    Harv, Youi might try making a stepped pivot wire, one with end the size you need to fit into the wood shaft, .085 Dia., and the other .065 Dia. for the pivot end. Its not too hard to turn soft wire. John
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    Wood Works Pinion Replacement

    Hi Harv, There are couple of things that you may do. First, you do not need to replace the pivots with pivot wire. The originals are just soft wire. They are just driven in to end of the shaft. You might try pulling them out and reversing them. You may have to file the end to smooth it. If...
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    E. Thayer 30 hour wooden movement needs bushings

    Ken, Yes the pivots should be polished and you should also check to see if the pivots are running true as that is a usual fault with these movements. Before bushing, note that the pivot holes should be large enough to accomodate the probable out of round gears. They run much looser that brass...
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    woodworks gear repair project

    Joe, Good Job! I have found Tom Temple's E-book to be very helpful. I especially like like the fact that he emphasizes conservative restoration processes. Check it out at John
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    chris brown auction results

    Yes they did post the results. You might E-mail them and ask for a copy. What they did post were the hammer prices. You need to add 23% to them if you did not have a sales tax license. There was a 15% buyers premium and the NY sales tax is 8%. Most items sold fairly. Chris thought that some...
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    Lignum Vitae as ONLY material for wooden clocks?

    Doug, I use lignum vitae quite a bit for bushing wood works clocks. I have found that the wood contains flaws that lead to cracks. This may be an effect of the drying process but is quite prevalent in the pieces that I have used. I think that is why, in my experience, is only used for bearings...
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    R.W.Hatch -Clockmaker?

    Has anyone seen or heard of a contemporary wood movement clockmaker who signed his clocks " R.W.Hatch, Indianapolis Indiana" ?
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    Wooden Movement Clock Book

    The new book,"American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks 1712-1835" by Dr Philip Morris, will be available at the Mid-West Regional on Friday, August 5. It will also be available at the Chapter 194, Cog Counters, picnic on August 18th, and at the Eastern States Regional on August 19-20.
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    Review: Morris: American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks 1712-1835

    This book,"American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks 1712-1835" by Dr Philip Morris, will be available at the Midwest Regional on Friday, August 5.
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    American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks 1712-1835

    This book will be available at the upcoming NAWCC National Convention.
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    Weight requirement for 8-day movement

    Hi Jeremy, I have an almost identical clock with what I believe to be original weights. They are 2 1/2" x 3 5/8" x 5 5/8" high. They each weigh approximately 12 lbs. and they are compounded with a pulley attached to the weight and the normal pulley at the top of the case. The clock runs fine...
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    Birge and Case movement.

    The movement measures 6 1/4"wide by 8" High by 2 3/8" deep.
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    Austin Steele Tall Clock

    I had Kathi Edwards clean it up for me. It did not have a case so I am using one that I had. What is nice is that Mark Leavenworth was in Waterbury and the dial is also a Waterbury style, but maybe unique. I did find that an Austin Steele owned a woolen mill in Waterbury. I imagine that he...
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    Austin Steele Tall Clock

    I have a wood movement tall clock with the dial signed "Austin Steele". The movement is a standard 30 hour Leavenworth. I have found that Austin Steele purchased movements from Mark Leavenworth at various times. Has anyone seen another Austin Steel dial or label?

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