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  1. Stephen Matusek

    Does anyone have any educational watch items?

    Just wondering if anyone has any educational watch/pocket watch items? I have an item from Barkus Horological Laboratories consisting of a book & working model which all the parts are adjustable for example the pallets, banking pins & more. I already had the book (green) but it has only around...
  2. Stephen Matusek

    Hamilton Watch Company Stock Certificate

    For some reason, the Hamilton was the most difficult one to find but I finally got 100 shares...........woohoo! Too bad they aren't worth anything other than the historic value. Steve
  3. Stephen Matusek

    RR Watch Inspection Card

    Hello everyone I just got this RR watch inspection card & I thought I would share it with you all. I wish I had the watch that goes with it. It is for Boston & Maine Railroad dated July 5, 1928 & appears to be for an Illinois A. Lincoln watch. The card says it belonged to James T. Casey, sn...
  4. Stephen Matusek

    Can anyone tell me exactly how to use this beat timing tool?

    Hi I got this item recently & it didn't have any instructions with it. It is a Gillette Beat tool to show the hairspring placement. Thank you very much for your help. Respectfully, Steve
  5. Stephen Matusek

    American PW Waltham 1857

    Hi I am new here & I have a Waltham 1857 pocket watch. It was not working when I got it & when I opened the back, the balance would not move, so I removed it & found the hairspring laying down in there separate from the balance pus I can't tell if it is the right hairspring but looks like it...

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