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    Who made this double dial chronograph?

    I recently picked up a new restoration project and need some help identifying the maker of this movement. The chronograph dial is marked "Humbert Ramuz and Co" but every other watch that I see online branded in this way is a high quality chronograph or repeater in a gold case. This is clearly a...
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    unusually counterpoised pallet fork

    I have been spending some time recently going through my drawers of miscellaneous Swiss movements trying to organize and identify them. I stumbled onto one movement with a unique pallet fork and unusual overcoil. I have seem many counterpoised forks in my career but never one like this. This is...
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    A different Johnson from Liverpool?

    I have a number of Joseph Johnson movements and a few John Johnson movements but this is the only one I have with no first name or initial - only "Johnson". Was there another Johnson producing watches in Liverpool or was this produced by the well known Johnson family? This movement has a Massey...
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    English club foot escape wheels

    This is my first post to this forum. Recently I picked up a 3/4 plate Joseph Johnson movement that has a unique style of escape wheel for an English watch. I have been purchasing English fusee watches and movements for many years and have never seen one that did not have the standard ratchet...

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