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    Gear Cutter ID help needed

    Hi folks, I recently purchased some gear cutters and would like help identifying the meaning of their inscriptions. They were made by B. & S. Mfg. Prov. RI (i.e. Browne & Sharp) with dates (presumably a patent date) of July 28, ’91, Oct. 8 ’92, April 11, ‘94 . 11 of them are 6 tooth cutters...
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    American PW Looking for documentation on Hamilton part numbers - most especially hands ....

    Hi folks, I acquired a moderate collection of Hamilton hands not too long ago, both pocket and wristwatch sizes. I have the 'Hamilton Watch Co. Identification and Price Guide', and the the 1909 and 1947 (perhaps not complete) 'Hamilton Watch Materials' manuals, but no other resources in this...
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    Need help identifying a Seth Thomas model 5 two tone

    Hi, I don't have good Seth Thomas resources, but would like to determine the Grade # of a newly acquired ST model 5. It's a private label, with "Headrick's Special" on the dial and "Sterling, Colo." on the mvmt. S.N is #279,050. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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    Recommended grease/oil for an Ingraham electric model 'H' ?

    Hi all, I'm cleaning an electric Ingraham for a friend (my first electric clock tear-down). The movement looks like a model 'H', as shown on page 336 (plate #1111) of Tran Duy Ly's 'Ingraham Clocks & Watches'. I would like to ask for recommendations for a grease/oil for the larger pivots...
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    Early Hampden mystery - s/n 53,173 ???

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone with expertise in New York Watch Co. and early Hampden pocket watches might catch this thread after the holiday. I'm going through a batch of early KW watches in silver cases that I recently acquired and came across what looks like a Hampden Woolworth, but with a...
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    Need advice on setting behaviour for an ETA 803.111 movement

    Hi folks, I apologize if it's sacrilegious to discuss this (quartz mvmt) issue here. I tinker with mechanical pocket watches as a hobby, but agreed to see what I could do to fix a dear friends Wegner S.A.K. quartz wristwatch (it would no longer set, time or date). Turns out the stem was quite...

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