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  1. MDean

    J C BROWN, hanging by a thread

    This is an example of a J C Brown Sharp Gothic with all J C Brown marks, on the dial, movement and backboard label. This clock, obviously, has not run for many years. Notice the wood bracket that had been repaired decades ago with twine which has now disintegrated. The movement was "hanging by...
  2. MDean

    1890s Torsion, Huber ?

    Attended an estate sale this morning which had over 20 clocks of various types - wall, mantel and 400day. Everything was overpriced, most everything had broken cases and non-original movements and still priced $350 - $500. A filthy 1950s kundo 400 day was priced at $135. Right next to it was...
  3. MDean

    Reputation star ???? Why?

    A view: I had not noticed the STAR until Dan mentioned it. Why is this board getting more like a social networking site? We already socialize here in what I think is in a professional manner. There should not be a STAR to click on to get points for reputation and a place to evaluate that...
  4. MDean

    To Dan Weiss, Happy 97th Birthday !!

  5. MDean

    High Res copy of 2013 Calendar Front Page graphic

    "For Your Enjoyment" Here is a high resolution copy of the "Calendar Watch" featured on the 2013 NAWCC Museum Timepiece Collection Calendar. Each "slice of the pie" is a portion of the watch featured for that month. Dan has done a great job producing this calendar and it has been an honor...
  6. MDean

    still having log on problems

    Tom, I am still not able to use the blue login at Home Page or on the Message Board. I get that iMIS screen. I am able to login to the M.B. using name and p.w. Same problem with both of my computers. IE8 on my old Win XP and IE9 on the laptop. Cleared out temp files and cookies. Emit
  7. MDean

    There is always time for our pets.

    This is our 2 year old dog Gracie. She loves to fetch the newspaper and she lets us know when the mailtruck has arrived so she can help bring in the mail. She enjoys laying on the floor next to me when I'm in the "clock room". I'm sure she can hear the ticking a lot better than I can. Emit...
  8. MDean

    Vincenti & Cie / Do we know who the statue and portraits represent?

    This Vincenti & Cie (Roux) french mantel clock (1855-1870) has a figure and two portraits. This is during Napoleon III 's reign 1852 - 1870. Is it know whom this figure and portraits represent? I think he may be an artist. Is that a painters pallet at the top of the clock below the portrait...
  9. MDean

    Georg Würthner Moon Phase for John Wanamaker

    This is my un-restored Georg Wurthner Moon Phase clock. I know there are already a few references to this clock on the Message Board but I wanted to add my close-up photos for those that may appreciate them for research. click to enlarge:
  10. MDean

    Union Manufacturing Company _ OGEE Legacy

    This clock, made by the Union Manufacturing Company (1840s), was given to me by my brother. It was our Great Grandfather’s clock and most likely the first clock they purchased after settling in a small farming community in Maine in the 1830s. This clock was in the attic for at least 90 years...
  11. MDean

    LOG IN Main & MB

    I am having trouble logging in at the Main page. When I go to the Message Board it did not recognize my stored name and password. I was able to log in at the M.B. after typing my name and password. FYI.......At the top of the Main Page this info shows up when first going to the NAWCC site...
  12. MDean

    Seth Thomas FASHION CLOCK No. 7, G J Pettigrew Clock Co.

    My new clock acquisition is a Seth Thomas FASHION CLOCK No. 7, G J Pettigrew Clock Company. It has the flat top behind the arch, the knob on the inner door is close to the edge which requires the main door to have a recessed area to accomodate it. The time movement has an outside fly, the...
  13. MDean

    Research / seth thomas og top

    I am researching Seth Thomas OG Top clocks. The clock shown below is one I own that may have originally had an OG Top. Please post any clocks you have that match this case or is similar to the description that follows. Please include measurements, type movement and label information and any...
  14. MDean

    VBulletin 4.1.8 testing 4 paste functions - text

    VBulletin V4.1.8 Testing four methods to paste text into edit window. 1. "Paste as plain text" button 2. "Paste from Word" button 3. "Control - V" 4. "Right Click", "Paste" The results indicate that "Right Click", "Paste" was the only method that carried over most of the text attributes from the...
  15. MDean

    V4.1.8 picture size

    It looks like the new MB automatically downsizes files that are too large as long as they are smaller than 2MB. Is that correct? E.D.
  16. MDean

    Happy 96th birthday dan weiss

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN December 11, 2011
  17. MDean

    Roulant timepiece / Star_no name / Belgian Slate

    This Roulant timepiece has a stamped five point star with no name. There are many references to 5 point stars on the message board but I have not been able to locate information specific to the star being used with no name. I would be interested in any information on who made this movement...
  18. MDean

    Waverly electro-clock, bakelite

    I purchased this Waverly ELECTRO-CLOCK at an Esate Sale this weekend. When I saw it I knew immediately that I had to have it. The case is really beautiful and the silvered dial is in excellent shap. The glass needs to be cleaned inside. I'm going to remove the cord for safety reasons. I do not...
  19. MDean

    Dreaming of a White Halloween

    Pictures from my brother's farm in Maine Oct 30, 2011

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