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    value American German Modern My mother in law's clock values (Image Heavy)

    Hi Everyone! My mother in law is moving and is looking to get a ballpark value for some of her clocks. Some were made by her father's company in the 60's or 70's I'm thinking. Any ballpark information would be super helpful. I don't want her to be taken advantage of because she doesn't know...
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    Clock Value Vienna Regulator

    Hi Everyone, My mother in law has this Vienna regulator and asked me about it's value. I really don't know the market for these so I was hoping someone can help me with a ballpark figure. I don't think it's that valuable, but it is a nice looking clock. I haven't been to her house in a while...
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    $ Ansonia Regulator

    Hi Everyone, Can someone help me with the general value range for these clocks? If you know the model, that would be very helpful also. It is my mother in law's and I am going to overhaul it for her, but she was curious about how much it would generally be worth. Thanks!
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    Rack and Snail running away. Alignment issue?

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me with this movement? It is a Korean 31 day movement and the strike is running non stop. It doesn't appear to have any stop pins broken, but the timing seems all wrong. I watched several videos on how the Rack and Snail is supposed to work, but I need a little...
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    Urgos Westminster Moon Phase problem

    Hi Everyone! A friend asked me to look at their clock. It's an urgos mantle clock that has a Westminster chime movement with a moon phase. I stops intermittently. After it stops, it will start to run again if I move the minute hand. I do plan on taking the clock apart and clean/polish it...
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    Quartz Movado Battery tab

    Hi everyone, A buddy of mine bought a used quartz Movado watch and it wasn't working. We looked at the movement and the tab that touches the top of the battery (top when looking down at the open back) appears to be broken. Is this a serviceable/replaceable part? thanks! Dan
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    How does this come apart?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how I separate the front two plates? I don't know if these are pressed on or how they are connected. I figured that I would ask before I started prying.
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    Elgin Grade 210 broken piece

    Hi everyone, I was given this Elgin Grade 210 for my birthday. I just took the dial off and it appears to have a broken piece by the keyless works. There is a screw with a piece that rotates around it kinda where if the watch were a lever set, it would go there. What is this piece supposed...
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    $ Tiffany pocket watch

    Hi guys, I recently found this in a desk that I got at an estate sale. It was wedged in between two drawers. It is a size 10 ( I believe) gold pocket watch with a movado movement. It appears to be a solid gold case. How old do you think it is? What do you think the ballpark price on this...
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    Waltham 77 P.S.B questions

    Hi there, a family member just gave me this Waltham 77 PSB. I think that there is a lot wrong with this watch. The case fits and the case screws seem to be in the right place, but how do you set the watch? I don't see anything on the side of the movement that would interact with the crown...
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    Spring hook end slipped

    Hey guys, I was trying to get my urges 20 back and running. The hole end of the main spring slipped off of the hook inside the barrel. Now the spring is completely retained inside the metal sleeve on the mainspring winder. What is the right way to remove the spring?
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    New Haven Mini Banjo Movement

    Hi Everyone, I recently picked up this New Haven Mini Banjo. Does it have the correct movement in it? I'm thinking that it doesn't. All of the dials that I had seen on for this model clock has the winding arbor in a different place. It has a New Haven 334 Movement in it. The clock...
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    Spring wire selection

    Hi everyone. I need to re wire the chime hammers in a clock. Has anyone used the tarnish resistant brass Artist Wire from Michael’s? Is artist wore different than spring wire?
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    Seth Thomas #2

    Hi everyone! First I want to say thank you for all of the insight and help this forum has given me. I have a Seth Thomas #2 that was given to me from my mother in law. It was her father's and after we hung it up on the wall, it always would stop. This intrigued me and what pushed me into...
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    What part am I missing?

    Hi there, I have a German clock, probably from the 1940's that is missing it's pendulum. What kind of bob does this need? Or, am I missing another piece that the Bob attaches to? Thanks! Dan
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    Strike Adjustment

    I am having a problem with my strike train adjustment. I read some previous posts and understand that when the count lever is at the bottom of a large slot, the pin should be caught. However, I think my pin position still needs help. It fails to catch after the strike of 2, 6, 9, 10 and 11...
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    New Haven Banjo - needs some love

    I just picked up this New Haven Small Banjo; didn't pay much. The movement looks fairly newer and runs pretty well. It just needs a face! Ha! the decal on the glass has a few holes in it. Not sure if I am going to scrape and replace or just leave as is. What do you think?
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    Clock winding arbor tab removal.

    Hi there, What is the correct way to remove this piece? It is the tab that is attached to the winding arbor on the back of a small clock. Do I just bend it? Is there a preferred method to removing it? Any tips would be great. Thanks!
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    Clock with E. Stahle movement

    Hi there, I just picked this clock up in a box lot. The mantle case is not very remarkable but the movement is a Westminster chime model made by E. Stahle? I'm not familiar with that name and my quick searches have not had any hits. Can someone point me in the right direction on this movement?
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    Ansonia Iron Clock and Sessions Banjo

    Hey there, I just picked up these two clocks for 60.00. The only downside is that they are missing their bobs. Does anyone know what size bobs would be used for these? I really like them and want to have them running.

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