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    Andra Zwingenberger Lathe

    The company Koch, not sure what they were called during the GDR times, when they formed part of a large 'Kombinat' that made all the precision mechanical equipment, has been making chucks for all the small lathes produced in the GDR. After the Iron Curtain came down, the company was bought out...
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    Andra Zwingenberger Lathe

    I bought stuff from Koch (when they still made the chucks) directly at their factory. They offered arbors for either make of lathe. So it depends on what you got there. Andrä&Zwingenberger is the modern incarnation of an old GDR outfit. Their standard stuff work with my 8 mm Lorch, Schmidt &...
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    Cleaning collets

    Collets clogged with old grease and the likes can be immersed in the kind of solvent used by motorcyclist to clean the chains on their bikes. One can also use acetone. Afterwards you can give them light wipe down with WD40 or a similar penetrating oil. And yes, old tooth brushes are useful in...
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    Isoma Centering Scope A Dave Sobel Solution and Tribute

    Making a centring microscope has been indeed a project idea for a long time and I collected various optical bits and pieces for it, but did not around yet to put this into action ...
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    Isoma Centering Scope A Dave Sobel Solution and Tribute

    Would love to have one ;)
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    Carbide on these little lathes

    40 bucks sounds quite a lot of money for it ...
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    Need help identifying this lathe

    Are you aware of Tony Griffith's Web-site: Lathes + Machine Tool Archive ? This may have the answer, but requires a lot of browsing. I don't think this is a Hardinge/Cataract lathe. Their early lathes had a round bed and rectangular makers plate. Interesting lathe though, with the driven tailstock.
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    Making a Delrin Drawbar Knob for a WW Lathe

    Well, POM or polyoxymethylene is the chemical compound behind the trade-name Delrin: Polyoxymethylene - Wikipedia. Plastics in general have a relatively low shear-strength and can be cut quite easily, because, in this case, the C-O bond in the chain can be cleaved quite easily. The molecules...
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    Blueing salt and solder pot

    I have blued screws using my electrical hot-air soldering unit that can be ramped up gradually up to 450°C.
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    Sherline lathe and choices.

    End-mill come in either metric or imperial dimensions. Supply depends on where you are. I gather.
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    I wouldn't bother with MF7x0.75 mm threads. These arbors are also available with 6.85x40 tpi thread either directly in China or through UK/German suppliers. It is also not so difficult to make your own draw-bars or -tubes once you have the right tap. I have done this several times now on my...
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    Sherline lathe and choices.

    You will have to have the WW-collet adapter and matching draw-tube, I suppose. Don't know off-the-cuff, whether the thread in the Sherline draw-tube will fit Peerless collets.
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    QCTP for Sherline

    Made one myself some 20 years ago and would not want to be without it anymore ...
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    It appears that Vector lathes, sold e.g. by Flume and Southern, but I think also by Bergeon, were made in China, at least after the Wall came down. Before that time they may have been made in the GDR, but I didn't verify this. In the mid 1990s I had a look at a kit in the Flume showroom in...
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    It would be interesting, indeed, how these Chinese manufacturers/supplier relate to each other and to certain supply houses over here in Europe. I did buy occasionally from Merlin and Sincereclocks, but compared to 10, 15 years ago, their prices have gone through the roof, sometimes more...
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    De Carlè has a table with dimensions of the steps, which seem to be more or less the same for all makes.
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    This is what I like about the watchmakers lathe systems, that there are so many workholding options, without having to resort to 'emergency' collets. As I said earlier, the wheel-chucks seem to be quite interchangeable apart from the slight difference in threads, as the the spindle-cone is the...
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    If you are sure the thread is 40 tpi, you can buy a die to chase the thread to the correct diameter. Check GG-tools.
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    Trying to identify some 8mm ring and step collets

    Yes, but they do them also with standard WW threads.
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    Help needed with Wolf Jahn tailstock

    The lever to me looks pretty original. The enigma remains, that there are tailstocks like this in old catalogues, with exactly the same sort of unused cross-bore. The enigma remains, what function this cross-bore might have had ...

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