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    Help Long Case Clock - Hour Hand Rotates Freely?

    Hello folks, I could use a little help with regard to an English long case clock belonging to a friend and neighbour. The hour hand is currently loose on the hour pipe and rotates freely. It looks as if the hour hand should be a press fit over the second annular ring on the end of the hour pipe...
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    Tekippe Precision Regulator

    I have been aware of the Simple Regulator by Bernard Tekippe for some time and have searched extensively on the internet but can find very little detail regarding the remarkable performance of this clock. I’ve found the two NAWCC articles by Bernard Tekippe, one thread on this board, a YouTube...
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    Correct Harrison maintaining power spring tension

    I’m hoping somebody can give me some insight into the correct spring tension for a Harrison maintaining power arrangement under normal running. Should the spring tension hold the ratchet wheel hard over against the great wheel stop during normal running or should it only partially compressed...
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    1 second Regulator- state of play

    Here are some details of the various components of the 1 second regulator I am working on. The suspension is a Strasser style twin spring arrangement with a 10mm invar pendulum rod. The pendulum bob geometry is to be decided but will include Riefler style expansion compensation, using an...
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    My rendition of Allan Wolffs' skeleton clock

    Hi, I thought I would post some photos of my rendition of Allan Wolffs' skeleton clock (as full described in another thread). The photos are from 10 months ago and the clock is about 90% complete, it still needs some finishing and also rework of some components that I'm not happy with. I have...
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    Pendulum wall clock with wooden wheel arbors?

    My brothers partner has this clock hanging on her hall wall. She inherited it from an elderly relative. It is rather unusual, at least to me, in that it has wooden wheel arbors and frame. Any background or history related to this type of clock design would be most appreciated. Phil)
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    Correcting minor nicks on dial before silvering

    I have lurked here for a while and this is my first post. I am making my first timepiece, a skeleton clock according to Allan Wolffs' pinwheel construction manual. I have just completed the 5" brass dial including the engraving and it is now ready for silvering. Being a bit clumsy I have managed...

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