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    Governor pocket watch swiss made info

    Maybe it's a trademark under the mainspring bridge, "Landeron Hahn" but still the design is unique to Landeron Hahn regards enrico
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    Governor pocket watch swiss made info

    This is a Landeron Caliber L2124 19 lines regards enrico
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    Need help in identifying of hallmark

    I have a LeCoultre raw movement, this one also has the seal under the dial regards enrico
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    Need help in identifying of hallmark

    Poincon de Geneve regards enrico
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    Help, Gold pocket watch identification

    This chrono repeater was made for the Persian market by Le Phare cal.LC regards enrico
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    Beautiful Watch - Need help identifying it

    Was built by the Swiss factory Buren which from 1899 to 1932 was owned by the London-based Williamson regards enrico
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    J W Benson

    This is a Tavannes caliber 3B 19 lines regards enrico
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    T. Eaton Pocket Watch

    This movement was made by Omega caliber 19NN around 1907 regards enrico
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    Please help identify the maker of this Swiss movement.

    This movement was made by David Perret of Neuchatel, in 1883 the factory employed 300 employees and built 50,000 movements per year. In 1900 the factory was converted for the construction of electric clocks several times awarded for accuracy and were used in observatories for the transmission of...
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    In the two centers of the Black Forest and Friedberg were very active around 1840/50 pictured one of the features of these fakes regards enrico
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    this name is in a list of bogus brands with different variants but all fake " Bielefeld / Bielefeldt / Biefeld / Beefield / C. Beefield / Beifield / Bedefeld / Bidefeldt / Byfield London " usually German made regards enrico
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    $ Gorham NY help Id PLEASE

    That's exactly what you say Chris was called 30''' 8 D released in 1894 there was also a 30/40''' 8 D and 30/60'''8 D with cases of 40 and 60 lines , in 1896 also produced the 27''' 8 D
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    $ Gorham NY help Id PLEASE

    Was made by Omega caliber 30 regards enrico
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    Theodore B. Starr - who made the movement?

    caliber made by LeCoultre regards enrico
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    Movement identification please?

    It's an FHF was mounted in a gold case. regards enrico
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    Pequegnat Brothers Pocket Watch

    your Omega was made around 1902 regards enrico
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    Looking For ID On Rolex PW Movement

    Hope this help regards enrico
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    Swiss movement identification help

    The plant was Tavannes and Cyma one of the several trademark of Schwob Joseph associated with Sandoz Henri in the Tavannes Watch regards enrico
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    Swiss movement identification help

    Movement was made by Tavannes Watch regards enrico
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    Who made this double dial chronograph?

    Charles Humbert-Ramuz's main business was the construction of ebauches (raw) then according to customer requests. In fact, few of his works were signed. The movement was built by Alcide Droz and Paul Perret. regards enrico
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