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  1. dAz57

    Parts needed for Le Castel (Saint Aubin) clock

    One of the numbers on the case 81570 matches the serial number on the movement. The suspension spring brass blocks are quite thick on these clocks, the standard suspension springs are usually too thin and will flop around unless it's shimmed, better solution is to rebuild the original...
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    Opinions on weight cord

    I used to use gut, but the quality is not as good as it used to be, so I prefer braided fishing line, doesn't rot and much stronger
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    Watch running very fast

    Train count is where you count the teeth on the train wheels and pinions Centre wheel X (third wheel / third pinion) X (fourth wheel / fourth pinion) X (escape wheel / escape pinion) X Pallets = Beats per Hour (BPH) So for an example, 80 X (64/8) X (60/8) X (15/8) X 2 = 18000 bph Your...
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    Watch running very fast

    Only way to be sure is to do a train count
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    Have another look, I usually set this so the rocker lever is at the lowest point on the internal cam, this is about 30-40degs from the horizontal, when on warning there is no lift of the rocker lever, only when the train starts to run at full speed will the bird be pushed out.
  6. dAz57

    How do I clean a Gustav Becker porcelain dial

    Warm water, yellow hand soap and a soft nail brush, rinse well and dry, I do this with all the fired enamel (glass) dials I get, clock dials, carriage clock and pocket watch dials, the only thing to watch for is some carriage dials may have the retailer's name printed on the dial and not fired...
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    More like 45 degrees, the rocker lever sits on lowest point of the cam that's is between the plates, the cam is on the gathering pallet arbor, when the strike train runs the cam lifts the rocker lever which in turn pulls the vertical lever the bird rides on allowing the bird to move out, the...
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    The gathering pallet job is to count the teeth on the rack, not to lock the bird in place, the locking for the bird needs to be adjusted.
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    Help identify Cuckoo clock

    Yep, exactly what it is, not a cuckoo
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    Mechanical WW Seiko BellMatic Stem

    Seiko case numbers are always written as 4006-6027, not two separate numbers, Crown 55M22NS Stem 354805 Glass 325T02ANS
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    Tezuka poppo rolling eye dog clock

    The whole thing would have finely balanced, any excessive drag will just stop the clock, the eyeballs are linked with a single wire with another wire going into the cage,the pivoting wire below is flicked left and right by the pallets which in turn flicks the cage. There cannot be any hard...
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    Original Finish Preservation vs. Overagressive Stripping and Refinishing

    I did a service on a large Gustav Becker grandfather many years for an old fella, this belonged to his father, anyway I regularly serviced the clock over the years, the fella died and it passed to his son, a few year later I get a call to come service the clock and I hardly recognised it, it had...
  13. dAz57

    Further adventures in plastic clock repair

    Most of the ants I've seen in electronics, steam iron, are little black ants, they seem to like to get in where it's warm. I did have a newer Schatz ships bell clock with a Hermle movement that had that horrible plastic platform escapement, it attracted some tiny white insects, they looked like...
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    Further adventures in plastic clock repair

    Yep, I've had them in my tv, stereo, they even took up residence in a cable internet junction box that hangs from the wires up the power pole in the street in front of the house, any that was weather sealed and they still got in.
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    Small Hermle screws with hexagonal insets

    3mm set screw uses the 1.5mm hex driver, 2.5mm set screw uses 1.3mm hex driver and the 2mm set screw uses the 0.9mm hex driver. Using cheap drivers risks rounding out the set screw hole, the divers I use have hardened ground tips and will last for years.
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    Seikosha - Japanese... Zenith???

    Interesting movement. With the seiko dials, I repair the older dials that way too, there is simply not enough room to solder a foot in place and this is the strongest repair, I used to have customers that would regularly break dial feet off either off repaired dials or new ones, until I...
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    Small Hermle screws with hexagonal insets

    Photos of my drivers
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    Small Hermle screws with hexagonal insets

    Also look on the bay for hex drivers used in RC helicopters and models, these have a decent machined alloy handle and a hardened machine ground tip, you can buy them individually or a in a set, both in metric and imperial. A set is $10 or less and so much better than an L wrench The set...
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    Eterna Demonstrator?

    Compensated tuning fork?
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    What caused this staining on a Junghans Dial?

    Photograph and photocopy the dial before you do anything, and be prepared to reink the dial because you will not get matching fonts. The dial isn't that bad, I would wipe over a soft cloth with Coleman's fuel to remove any old oil and grease and then leave it alone. What you have is thin...