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  1. JimmyOz

    Help Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock issues and ID

    Like most cuckoo clocks they need repaired over time. This can be seen on the OP's clock, the back door has a hole in it which would not have been there originally, this was put in so the repairer could see where the gong strike hammer was (repairer forget to set this before attaching the...
  2. JimmyOz

    18th Century Longcase Clock

    Looking at the close up of the hands, the amount of gunk say's that they have not been off for many a long year. This indicates that the movement is in the same shape, therefore it needs more attention than a drop of oil. What did the repairer do when he came to see it?
  3. JimmyOz

    Am I Cuckoo?

    The info given by new2clocks as about 1900 is what I think, The cuckoo (bird) is animated and if you lift the tail the wings will rise and the beak will open then shut as you let it go, this will happen automatically when you have it repaired by someone. Just on the bellows, ask for them to be...
  4. JimmyOz

    cuckoo clock hands: square minute shaft

    Alynn, looking at your photos the minute hand cannon looks to be to far forward, where is the tension spring for the hands? Is it by chance behind the minute cannon? I have attached a photo of how the motion works should be set up, the 1st three items on the left are for the post attached to the...
  5. JimmyOz

    Help What size is that?

    Maybe try one of these if you want a good grip on the nut.
  6. JimmyOz

    Learning how to purchase and install bushings

    You need to hold the plate DOWN, the regula plates are thin and using a vice may bow the plate. Given the run-out on a drill press you would need to make the hole smaller than the bush and then ream-broach the hole by hand, try it both ways, drill press and also totally by hand, this is how you...
  7. JimmyOz

    A nazi cuckoo clock?

    They look like paper has been used in the bellows, however the rest looks original. Yeh I thought the hands on the clock look earler and the hands are a little long for the dial. did you replace them. The clock could have been made around 1930 for someone in the Nazi party, who knows, it is...
  8. JimmyOz

    A nazi cuckoo clock?

    The clock looks to be around the 1900's given the detail in the craving and the style of the numbers, the hands could be the same era, however look a bit earlier, the weights also look to be around the 1900's. I asked before, can you post a few photos on the movement and the bellows. Unless this...
  9. JimmyOz

    A nazi cuckoo clock?

    Any chance of seeing the movement, the hands look older than the case.
  10. JimmyOz

    long-case intermittent strike jamming

    You said you did some re-bushing, before you did this, did you address the pivots, given the age of the movement I am sure they would have some ware. If they look anything like the left pivot in the photo below they should look like the right pivot before bushing.
  11. JimmyOz

    Cuckoo missing a cycle after winding

    On your cuckoo clock you would not turn the minute hand backward, it has a count wheel and all you would need to do is when it cuckoo's the hour you just move the hour hand to suit as it is a friction fit, then move the minute hand forward till you get it to the right time. On newer Regula...
  12. JimmyOz

    Cuckoo Clock Music Box Chain

    Check that the chain is the right size links, all 3 chains should be the same linkage.
  13. JimmyOz

    Cuckoo missing a cycle after winding

    It looks to me and as said above (#9) that the gear has been chewed and is missing teeth, also the reason for the recoil looks like one of the teeth is hitting the count wheel tooth or maybe the pin holding the gear is? Can you take a close up photo of the small gear and count wheel where they...
  14. JimmyOz

    Help Strike train stalling on French movement

    The <1/3 play may work on an Ansonia movement and the like, however not on a French movement, these have very low tolerances so any hint of play in a pivot hole needs to be addressed. As said above let the springs down and rock the barrel, however add a small drop of oil to each pivot hole as it...
  15. JimmyOz

    English Tall Case--No Friction Between Cannon Pinion and Center Arbor

    Flip the tension washer over and that should fix it, if it holds the minute hand from dropping under its own weight all good, if not just bend the washer slightly till it will.
  16. JimmyOz

    Cuckoo missing a cycle after winding

    It could be an issue with the cam/rack/ lever, if the clock is in the case you can take the dial off and watch them when you pull the weight up, the pin on the cam maybe catching the rack.
  17. JimmyOz

    Totally lost on new cuckoo movement

    I think the levers are the issue here, the bird going in and out on the strike is due to the lever dropping into the cam and then lifting as it bumps out again till the lever reaches the next slot on the count wheel when it stops. Try this, manually start the strike (bird) and stop it when the...
  18. JimmyOz

    Turns of Mainspring for 8 day clock

    It looks to me as though you have the bracket on the wrong side of the plate, I think that it would be on the inside of the plate and the pin on the shaft would hit it, thus being able to regulate the drop of the strike hammers.
  19. JimmyOz

    Mini Lenzkirch GF Clock

    Picked up this Lenzkirch a week ago, only needed a bush and 2 mouldings carved (left top of base and right cornice/hood) resilvered dial and surround. Anyway just thought it was a bit different as I had never seen a Lenzkirch like this before. It is 17x5x4 inches and I think made around 1895...
  20. JimmyOz

    Cones on Depthing Tool

    I don't know how it could work holding the arbor as the lowest/highest points are the end of the pivots. When depthing the 2 arbors need to rotate freely so you can adjust them in or out till you find the correct mesh.
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