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  1. gvasale

    Seth Thomas Tower clock clean/repair

    I use a microset to set the beat on every tower clock which still operates as originally whether it has electric rewind or not, Its a useful tool here too. I bought thin wall AL tubing not too long ago far a tower clock. OnLine metals if I'm not having a brain fart. A little over $65 delivered...
  2. gvasale

    Just picked up an E Howard #2 Tower Clock

    Good for you. Short or long pendulum? Paint cleanup can be a problem. Metalwork, not so much.
  3. gvasale

    Meneely Bell Cleanup - What do I need to know?

    Afraid it's not easy. Soap and water with a non metallic brush will be a good place to start. There might be some changes from the dark grey where the bird poop has been, but I can't promise. I cleaned only one bell with muriatic acid and polished it to a bright shine but it was small...
  4. gvasale

    E. Howard Winding Crank

    Agreeing with Jim, the depth of the socket needs to engage the full length of the square feature of the winding arbor.
  5. gvasale

    A.S. Hotchkiss 12A Restoration - Let's Get Started

    It has a casting rather than a pillar to maintain plate alignment. It is also a quarter striking clock.
  6. gvasale

    E. Howard Winding Crank

    Some winding keys had a spur gear on the end, fitting over a stud. Usually on a flat bed style clock except for the smallest which did use a square key. I have not saved the dimensions, but will see a small timepiece in December and If I'm not forgetful I can measure the square, which you also...
  7. gvasale

    A.S. Hotchkiss 12A Restoration - Let's Get Started

    There's a 16 in town where I live. Bob looks much the same even though ours was made about 1904
  8. gvasale

    Unusual 1920 Church Clock Escapement

    Fan appears to be outside the frame on that one, but it's not. Continental style with large distance between the side plates and plates are not the same. Usually inside the frame on Seth Thomas and Howard where side plates are often under 24" wide and front and rear uprights are nearly mirror...
  9. gvasale

    Paul Odobey Turret Clock

    If the barrels are metal, wire rope is suitable IMO. Heavier weight on the strike side.
  10. gvasale

    Large Electric School Clock - Project ID Help

    See if you can chase down what was known as Empire Clock Co. They had electric movements for this size work.
  11. gvasale

    A Terminology Question

    Hand shafts run from the transmission, a gear cluster to connect clock to up tp 4 dials, and motion works change the 1 revolution per hour of the clock to what we expect to see with a clock dial with two hands.
  12. gvasale

    Lubricating Wire Lines

    That's pretty much it. More falls=more weight. Hammer size nearly always increases with bell size(weight.)
  13. gvasale

    E. Howard Clock Striking Issue

    You can manipulate that by hand and see excessive wear if its there.
  14. gvasale

    E. Howard Clock Striking Issue

    How sloppy are the pivots? Does the shaft appear to lift when in operation? I would oil them every time I oil the clock
  15. gvasale

    E. Howard Clock Striking Issue

    Lots of people neglect to check the pivoting structure of the bell hammer It' meant to allow force to rotate the hammer in an arc. Many times the thing is worn so much the strike train has to lift the hammer to get it to work, all requiring the clock' strike train to work harder.
  16. gvasale

    E. Howard replacement bushings for tower clock

    All the upper train bushings usually have ample "meat" in them to rebush.. Winding drums, not so much. Walls are thinner. My last project I decided to make these bushings from scratch and made them longer too. No one is complaining.
  17. gvasale

    Lubricating Wire Lines

    Machine oil. they do not need to be flooded, but you can put several drops on a vertical run, or on the winding drum when full. Not enough to make a mess. Checking the cables for signs of strand breakage and wear. Depending on condition, they might not last 20 years. I ran into a clock where...
  18. gvasale

    Chronophage Corpus Christi Clock

    That's a real grasshopper escapement.:D
  19. gvasale

    E. Howard replacement bushings for tower clock

    I remake them from bronze or brass bar stock. They are all flanged, so the only other alternative is to make a bushing for them and ream them to size. They may wear eccentric, but aren't made that way.
  20. gvasale

    E. Howard tower clock routine service questions

    I oil all I service every 90 days. A drop at each pivot. You have to remember nothing runs forever without periodic maintenance. That includes these clocks too. The last clock I tore down I did a previous tear down over 15 years before and oiled it every 90 days. There was wear in the winding...
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