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    Ferguson, Dublin

    Interestingly John (or maybe not) Loomes lists Andrew & Alexander Ferguson, brothers, Andrew b1778, Alexander b1779 in Ardtrea, Co. Tyrone. They are described as working ca 1800 in Ardtrea and dying 1844 & 1847. They are in the right timeframe - just the wrong place.
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    Ferguson, Dublin

    With my pedantic head on ;) I will point out that there was no such entity as "Northern Ireland" in the early part of the 19thC. It was just Ireland until the early part of the 20thC, albeit all part of the United Kingdom after 1801. From a quick look I think it would probably be right to say...
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    Unknown Origins

    I do find this quite intriguing. Whilst it is clearly not out of the Roskell stable someone has made a significant effort to 'replicate' the Liverpool indicators on the regulator index and balance cock. If it is a Massey Type 2, which isn't clear, then I think that Keith's dating is good so I...
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    JW Benson 1/2 Hunter 1928 Jewelled to the Centre

    One of us must be living in a parallel universe :rolleyes:, I'm still wearing my winter pants and waterproofs. dave
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    JW Benson 1/2 Hunter 1928 Jewelled to the Centre

    Stephen Stephen, I entirely support Allan's view that you should not be concerned about the debates that are stimulated by and conducted on the Forum, rather congratulate yourself for being the architect of the discussion :). It is one of the beauties of this platform that debates and...
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    JW Benson 1/2 Hunter 1928 Jewelled to the Centre

    So if you don't like or use the word 'sponsor', what would you call JW Benson and Alfred Bedford in the examples that I quoted above? BTW, this is DaveyG not Stephen.
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    JW Benson 1/2 Hunter 1928 Jewelled to the Centre

    Certainly JWB would have ordered this spec, however, the spec would not be exclusive to them but would have been one of a range of options produced by Revue.
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    JW Benson 1/2 Hunter 1928 Jewelled to the Centre

    The movement is, I believe, a Revue 31. See Dr Ranfft's illustration 'here' With regard to the 'maker' v 'sponsor' debate. I'm not quite sure that I understand the nuances here but I will say this: you will see many JW Benson gold cased watches in cases stamped 'JWB' - but JW Benson were not...
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    A Welshman's Italian Job – well maybe …

    Hi John, The area of Anglesey and its close environs are, as you know, my stomping ground. The maritime history here disappears into the long, long past and copper was being exported from Amlwch way back into the Roman times and was, in fact, being extracted as far back as the bronze age...
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    Morris Tobias 3/4 plate cylinder watch

    Yes, completely sort of counter intuitive, but I guess my thought process was that a later generation, given the sensitivity of duplex to minor damage or wear, could retain a very good watch with an alteration that could more likely have been introduced by an averagely competent watchmaker so...
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    Morris Tobias 3/4 plate cylinder watch

    An odd thing just popped into my head - not thought through, so just tossing it into the ring. I wonder if this could have started life as a duplex? dave
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    John CROSS, London single roller fusee movement #32130 with Pennington 'T' balance

    Just refreshing my addled brain on this interesting thread and noticed the questions about source information on the thoughts that many gold dials on English watches possibly originated in Switzerland. There is some information in a paper presented by Jerzy Ganczarczyk (hope I spelt it...
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    Information - Antique pocket watch

    As to the 'HARPER' stamp in the case, how about Harper & Company, casemakers of Philadelphia which Niebling has as 1857 - 59. Prior to that Harper and McClean 1850 - 1857. Dave
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    Crystal sizes demystified

    If you are searching for a glass c1888 with clearance for a high canon pinion then it is most likely to be a either a high or double lunette that you looking for. Oh no, the plot thickens :banghead: I can recommend Philip Priestley's book 'Aaron Lufkin Dennison.....', which has a whole chapter...
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    Army and Navy Victoria street

    For what it is worth, in my view this is not a surprisingly low end piece from this source, just more scarce in that it has survived, especially complete with the 18ct case. The high quality pieces, which were most likely to have been acquired by the more affluent 'officer' class, are far more...
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    Army and Navy Victoria street

    I agree Graham, that is how I interpreted that too.
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    Army and Navy Victoria street

    I think that you will find, if you access the link at #2 that your thoughts as to the origins and activities of the Army & Navy are not really accurate. As for the inscription being Arabic - I couldn't disagree more. As you say it is very rubbed but definitely not Arabic script, nor is it, I...
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    Army and Navy Victoria street

    'Here' you go Jeff.
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    Thomas Russel and son watch

    I am John yes ;). I recognised it immediately and they are often seen marked 'Warranted English' along the curves of the barrel bridge. Have a look at 'this'. dave
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