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  1. Jeff Hess

    Hermes Doctor's/Medical watch inquiry

    we had this one... siimilar.. also had a Landeron.
  2. Jeff Hess

    ebay rules discussion

    Ok, so state your opinion. mine is that the wor confiscation thing is fraught with problems and likely to cause a lot of trouble. Also, eBay has so went overboard on protecting buyers from fraudulent sellers that they have actually ENABLED fraudulent buyer scams. Jeff And fo the record, ebay...
  3. Jeff Hess

    Breguet sale of the century at LA Mayer museum - just cultural vandalism

    AS noted above, Museums, many of them anyway, are in a cash crunch. I recently was approached by a local museum with the proverbial "cigar box of watches" that had been in their basement. They had not even been enumerated or put into the collection. Lierally just laying around. When I offered...
  4. Jeff Hess

    ebay rules discussion

    All in all a good program. And they picked the right people so far. honorable knowledgeable people. But the confiscation thing is still worrisome. The wording needs work. If someone is knowingly traficin in fakes, modern bona fide fakes. then H&ll yes. But vintage sellers need to be wary of this...
  5. Jeff Hess

    Hodinkee- The Long Return

    I thought I was very familiar with Tudor's history. But that was GREAT!
  6. Jeff Hess

    ebay rules discussion

    not voluntary.
  7. Jeff Hess

    Hamilton First Electric?

    terrific thread
  8. Jeff Hess

    An amazing Le Coultre..... with a MAJOR problem

    any comepetant jeweler with a laser welder and traditional heat as well should be able to fix this easily. Congrats! Great find! (like has been polished... "never polished" is an internet echo-chamber non-thing. )
  9. Jeff Hess

    Vortic Watch Co Military Edition what do you think? plus lawsuit

    My friend Martin Braun, before he started his watch company, got his start this way. I met him first when he had a small "Cabinet booth" (a small tower case in a hallway) in Basel. He and his dad were taking ladies patek repeaters and such and making us minute repeating wrist watches. But he...
  10. Jeff Hess

    Vortic Watch Co Military Edition what do you think? plus lawsuit

    I have been involved in this peripherally since it began. I am surprised by the outcome. SWATCH is mighty and they, like other watch brands, CORRECTLY and LEGALLY and ROBUSTLY protect their intellectual property. But they are also bullies. Always have been. I remember asking them in Basel one...
  11. Jeff Hess

    Seiko fanboy

    not meant to be a scholarly article....just some stuff I found on the web. Obviously I have a love of American watches. And German and Swiss as well. But here is the story of a fellow could be called the Bill Gates of his time. The young nerd worked in his parent's house as a teen. Like Gates...
  12. Jeff Hess

    Case content and identification marked Goldinum wears like solid gold

    Kee testers are great for quick sorting. We have several. But 120% they cannot be trusted for gold filled or heavy PLAQUE. Just DON'T!
  13. Jeff Hess

    Appropriate dial for 23J tutone Bunn Special?

    could not share it as it was put in a pile to research and find a dial for it. But it got put into our eBay division and they did a "moderate job" of describing it. But the sale is over now, so here it is. Dial was an atrocious later dial!
  14. Jeff Hess

    IWC Watch - Care

    --------------- These are usually 18k gold. Max Birnbaum Uhrmacher, Luzern. "might" have been a retailer but a quick search online revealed none with that name associated with IWC. But it dos not mean that this is not the original box. As to gold content just get out your loupe or best...
  15. Jeff Hess

    To lume or not to lume

    I vote leave original. First, because the conventional wisdom these days with vintage is original all the way! But also for resale purposes. With the current trend for weathered or "Tropical" dials why not leave it in as found condition? And lastly, the purists, will raise heck after you change...
  16. Jeff Hess

    ebay rules discussion

    eBay is listening! In the end this actually worked out. the authenticator is TOP TOP TOP notch and eBay revised their hasty first press release, leaving out the rediculous "ultrasonic bath" part (duh) and the confiscation part (double duh) and with some much-needed wording as to vintage...
  17. Jeff Hess

    ebay rules discussion

    ----------- 6 million per year.. in dollars....(to be honest only about 65% are watches though)
  18. Jeff Hess

    how much gold in gold filled case?

    the public is now aware of this and we have scroungers emailing us for your "useless gold filled watches". We all feared the melting down of museum quality or historic karat gold waches... but we can't possibly save all the gold filled waches...
  19. Jeff Hess

    ebay rules discussion
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