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  1. Burkhard Rasch

    Rollerball 400-Day Clock

    It´s a post WWII Kundo combined with a kind of paddle- wheel weight powered mechanism , certainly the work of a talented clockmaker adding two gimmicks to create a unique eyecatching clock.Yes,You have to put the balls on the upper tray by hand. Devon Clocks in England once produced a clock...
  2. Burkhard Rasch

    Can anyone tell me about this clock maker and silk suspension

    " The movement has no pendulum length marking " I see a 603 on the back plate at the typical location,and if we don´t take this for the year of manufacture :whistle: I´d guess that it means 6 pouces and 3 lignes which would make up a pendulum length of about 23cm. If the OP doesn´t have the...
  3. Burkhard Rasch

    Can anyone tell me about this clock maker and silk suspension

    Hi and wellcome to this message board! Do You have the pendulum for Your clock? Re-attaching it will be easier if You take out the movement from the case : for this undo the two skrews that are in the 10 and 4 o´clock position of the back bezel and that hold the mvmt. with the straps ,the...
  4. Burkhard Rasch


    I´m still thinking about this clock : signed Kaiser but in detail Petersen :?| As for the pendulum it will be hard to find an original since Petersen produced only a short time and didn´t have a great output. I allways love to have clocks running , so if I were You I´d take a 4 ball pendulum at...
  5. Burkhard Rasch

    Wood Clock & Wood Gears Identification

    our late friend and member Scottie-TX started a thread about "Columbus , Anno etc.clocks " years ago with good information about the different makers of repros etc. Search for that thread. Best regards Burkhard
  6. Burkhard Rasch


    Eric :thumb: , no doubt about that! Kurt , interestingly my little Petersen came with skrewed top and bottom block -maybe replaced once in the life of the clock- and with that special fork. Of cause I´d use skrewable blocks if I had to make a new SS , but I´d retain that fork for its...
  7. Burkhard Rasch


    Eric beat me by a few minutes! Yes,the fork is original and should be kept when a new SS is made. See my little strange clock , id´ed only with the same fork.Nice aquisition Yours , congrats! Burkhard
  8. Burkhard Rasch

    Model 49 with special features

    will do,thanks! Burkhard
  9. Burkhard Rasch

    Model 49 with special features

    Thank You all for Your input. I´ll follow Harry´s advice , ordered a set of diamond drills. I´ll let You know how it worked out . Burkhard
  10. Burkhard Rasch

    Model 49 with special features

    afaik Bill Ellison -former owner of Horolovar- made an extensive research in the function of this device including a motion picture recorded in step motion showing that the supposed effect of it didn ´t work; but it ads about 1-2 weeks to the clocks running. In any case something a bit...
  11. Burkhard Rasch

    Model 49 with special features

    this clock was offered on the german aequivalent of Craig´s list and I got it for a verry low sum missing the lower block and the dome. Made in April 1953 with 2 jewels and two leveling devices it has peep holes to watch the escape action ,adjustable pallets and the spring barrel in T4.After a...
  12. Burkhard Rasch

    Crane Month running clock

    what a beauty!Congrats! Burkhard
  13. Burkhard Rasch

    Badische Louvre clock

    I see holes and shadows of collum bases in the first pic.Could this be a "mix-and-match" clock? Just my 2cts... Burkhard
  14. Burkhard Rasch

    Hymarc Paris serial number 48697

    according to N. Thorpe Japy stamped their mvmts. with this mark from ca 1855 onwards , so we have at least a date "not earlier than....)HTH Burkhard
  15. Burkhard Rasch

    Hymarc Paris serial number 48697

    this is a french "pendule de Paris" movement with countwheel strike. Hy.Marc was either the finisher or - more probable- the retailer of this clock.You might find a maker´s mark under the bell (please take a pic without the bell) of one of the big firms Japy,Marti or Vincenty ; but many of these...
  16. Burkhard Rasch

    American Perpetual wall clock

    any chance of pics of the movement? Nice clock,congrats! Burkhard
  17. Burkhard Rasch

    Little German Cutie

    Schmid Schlenker Schwenningen wa a german clock maker , the firm existed between 1934 and ca 1990. The firm was well known for their different novelty clocks in which they realized a wide variety of technical concepts allways in decent quality .I´d guess Your clock was made after WWII.You´ll...
  18. Burkhard Rasch

    Does anybody know the make of this 400 days clock

    if You want to repair more than one torsion clock in the future You might consider buying the "bible" of this type of clocks, the "400 day clock repair guide" by Charles Terwilliger . It´s not that costly and will reward You with a load of information and good advice not only for anniversarys...
  19. Burkhard Rasch

    a -for me- interesting aspect of my Grivolas

    today I took a bit of sparetime to finish my Grivolas : when setting it up I used a standard lower block to hang the test pendulum on and never changed to the original which I had . Meanwhile Michael Kiss aka Torsionkid helped me with an original bezel incl.the cast pediment and the suspension...
  20. Burkhard Rasch

    Trying to identify the clock I bought

    Hi bsg , sorry I cannot help You.IMO the numerals look japanese,not chinese , but what do I know??? I see a trade mark both on the dial and movement.Please show a macro pic of these , might help to id Your clock. And be patient , the experts will come around! Best regards Burkhard
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