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  1. John Hubby

    Help Private message screen much too small for practical use.

    I have the same problem as Chris describes on my iPad Air 2 that I always use horizontally because I have a keyboard case. 1/3 for profile info on left, 1/3 for private message text in the center, and 1/3 for ads on the right. Should be able to collapse the profile info or see it completely...
  2. John Hubby

    Thought I bought a Gustav Becker

    Jacob, I know the story of the 400-Day clocks also as that is my major specialty. In 1892-3 Schnekenburger was contacted by W. Kohler and J. Christian Bauer to interest him in manufacturing their patented 400-Day full striking wall clock. They also proposed to help finance the operation, and...
  3. John Hubby

    Thought I bought a Gustav Becker

    Jacob, welcome back to the NAWCC Forums!! You do have a Schnekenburger design clock that was made by Uhrenfabrik Mühlheim Müller & Co. (UMMC) near the beginning of 1907 based on the movement serial number. There are three numbers present on the back plate, these are: The chronological serial...
  4. John Hubby

    Anton Harder Torsion

    Eric, although the patent office did offer to patent the movement and mechanism, no patent was granted because Harder was (reportedly) so angered that they would not include the pendulum in the patent he rejected the offer outright. As a result, Harder never was granted a German patent. I did...
  5. John Hubby

    Anton Harder Torsion

    Eric, I am not aware of any German patent granted to Harder for a torsion pendulum clock. I do know he filed an application in 1877, apparently after Jehlin had filed his application but before the patent was granted to Jehlin. Jehlin had already received a landespatent in 1876 for his design...
  6. John Hubby

    Anton Harder Torsion

    For everyone's info, my research shows this clock is the second of the 12 prototypes that were supplied to Anton Harder by August Schatz and Gerson Wintermantel (GW&Cie) on March 12, 1882. There were two table clock movement designs, this one being the first with the winding arbor to the right...
  7. John Hubby

    Grivolas keeps stopping

    I always do a complete clean and lube even if the clock “looks” good. Well with the time.
  8. John Hubby

    Help Message Board Management Restructuring

    To all NAWCC Members and Message Board Users: Following discussions with BOD Chair Rich Newman, Message Board management responsibilities were changed effective April 16. These changes were notified to the NAWCC BOD prior to this announcement. Dave Coatsworth is promoted to the position of...
  9. John Hubby

    Schlenker ü Posner Bandstand

    Kurt, have you posted photos of your SuP disc pendulum before? Will appreciate seeing and documenting this clock.
  10. John Hubby

    Grivolas keeps stopping

    Dell, how did you thin the suspension spring?? If you thinned only between the fork and bottom block that is likely your problem, because the section between the fork and bottom block is now too thin and the section between the fork and upper block much too thick. That small section between the...
  11. John Hubby

    Disk Pendulum Kieninger & Obergfell

    Mark, as Eric mentioned Kundo did not make clocks with disc pendulums. Your clock was made near the end of 1923, the first year of production by Kundo. Eric, for info I have eight clocks in my data with lower serial numbers, the lowest being 108. All of these have pendulum No. 35 that you have...
  12. John Hubby

    Atmos 519 Question

    Wynot, thanks for posting. The amplitude is low, probably needs a service to clean up the movement. Virtually all Atmos clocks have relatively the same amplitude range when clean, in beat, and running well. The date is actually on the bellows, not inside the drum case. Also, you may find the...
  13. John Hubby

    Post Your BHA Logo (by Becker) 400-Day Clocks Here

    For whatever reason missed these year-ago posts re a No. 498 model GB clock with a relatively high serial number for those made for BHA. However, I have the following SN's now in my data for clocks that three for sure made for BHA and two made without logos that I believe were made for BHA but...
  14. John Hubby

    Help Redirect time period

    My personal "default" for a Redirect is one week. Many of the users I have had contact with after their thread or post being moved have told me it might be 2 or 3 days before they finally returned to the MB, so I decided to use the one week option to ensure reasonable time for the user to find...
  15. John Hubby


    Gary and Eric, I've seen this exact model before but it is scarce if not rare. Nearly all examples of this dial I have seen are mounted on the smaller Kundo miniature movement clocks. And yes, as best I know the dial foot position is the same on almost all Kundos, and the dial can be rotated...
  16. John Hubby

    Temperature Compensating Pendulum

    For info, the clock movement is much earlier than the pendulum. That serial number was made in late 1910, and the pendulum wasn't patented until 1924. There may be patent numbers stamped on the bottom of the crossbars of the pendulum, if so it was made between the patent date in 1924 and the...
  17. John Hubby

    New Atmos clock owner!

    Rüdiger, welcome to the NAWCC Message Board, and especially to our 400-Day, Atmos, and other Torsion Clock Forum. I also have been collecting data for Atmos clocks for 25 years, since the earliest Reutter examples until the latest "special editions" from Jaeger-LeCoultre. Would like to...
  18. John Hubby

    Possible early Gustav Becker mantle clock

    Mun, thanks for posting. Those were both my clocks at the time and also the only ones found up to that date. They are now two of three known examples with the posting of g0bco's clock. The label in front of the one to the left is not the correct one. The clock on the left is the one with a...
  19. John Hubby

    Possible early Gustav Becker mantle clock

    Alec, it would be good if you could post photos of the side and rear of the case with the door closed, so all can see how it is constructed. Otherwise what you posted is good.
  20. John Hubby

    Würth precision disk pendulum

    Eric, great story!!! And for Les, I neglected to mention that I believe the actual serial number on the back plate of your clock is 23958 as is stamped on the bottom of the pendulum. That was the number I recorded when it belonged to a previous owner.
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