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    Bushing Tool Machine for hobbyist

    Larry Under no circumstances would I suggest anyone do anything they are not happy with or wish to do such as Linsey`s post #9. However there are always two sides to a story that should be considered. Back 300 years ago during the cottage industry, the average individual was lucky...
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    Polish pivot holes?

    Movements that have been manufactured on machine tools for the last 170 years having straight round brass holes and straight round steel pivots that are polished. The brass holes have never seen a cutting broach or smoothing broach or anything other than the punch or drill that made the...
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    SOLDER ???????

    Most horological construction is done with threaded fasteners, friction fits and staking. On that rare occasion where soft solder was originally used, I generally suggest that it be reused if it fails for some reason to retain original value if the movement has value. Where brass...
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    Soft solder or silver solder?

    As peter mentioned, the Smith marked torch in the link is a Chinese knock off. Smith equipment is USA made and I don't think they sell anything for $25.00. I have used the China versions and they have nowhere near the capability of the Smith equipment. Another words the the flames are...
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    Making a durable pin wheel from scratch?

    Chuck Happy it worked out for you, looks great. As I get older, I am always looking for an excuse to take a break, so time is not an issue. Jerry Kieffer
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    Making a durable pin wheel from scratch?

    Betzel The reamer I suggested is not sold commercially to my knowledge, but was suggested as a economical and very simple to make. The attached sketch shows a side view showing it ground at about 12 degrees. The angle is not critical and easily ground free hand on a bench grinder. Gage pins...
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    Making a durable pin wheel from scratch?

    Betzel Betzel Your certainly on the right track. However, Tapers are generally utilized where there is a likelihood that the pins will need to be removed. While they will tighten when reinstalled, the friction holding strength is not near that of a non tapered friction fit. Assuming that...
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    Possibly, a depthing tool

    Actually, its one of those procedures that must be experimented with to get a handle on it. For my experiments from what I can see, it would have worked fine. I only gave a very brief explanation with no details as a personal potential use. In my case the escape wheel was power by a very...
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    Possibly, a depthing tool

    Jon While I have never seen one of these nor do I know what it was used for, I can tell you how I would have utilized it years ago when perfecting the escapement on my first bar stock watch movement. The easy road would have been to simply copy an existing arrangement, but I wanted to...
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    First Pivot (ish) Success

    Nora It sounds like you have the back ground to evaluate what you need. Do not be afraid to to follow your own path and if something doesn't` make sense, it should be questioned and ask where you can see it demonstrated regardless where it comes from. (This also includes myself)...
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    First Pivot (ish) Success

    Nora Just for clarification, a machinist handbook will only cover metal working practices utilizing both hand and machine tool methods used in a workshop and manufacturing. Since production including Horological and everything else is done in the same manner, all practical metal...
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    First Pivot (ish) Success

    Nora A machinist hand book is a premiere source for proven metal working practices. Within, you will find many charts on various applications for various procedures. An example of a metal color temperature chart can be seen in the attached link...
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    Great Wheel Teeth and Click Issue

    Joe Would need to see a photo of the damage to determine a solution. Jerry Kieffer
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    Whatzit? Any ideas on what this customized headstock would be used for?

    Rob I have not seen this arrangement or similar. However over the years, I have seen several headstocks where spindles have been machined for specific purposes other than holding collets. In almost all cases, these headstocks were made for holding specific purpose tooling utilized in...
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    Riveting semi-hollow rivets neatly

    Mark I know what you are looking for, but you will most likely not like my answer. However, the quality of the rivet is just as important as the tool if not more so. Rivets purchased from places like China and India sold at places like Harbor Freight are very brittle and basically made from...
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    Help Broken dial foot

    Dean Thanks for the comments. I hope it or another method works for you. I teach micro machining classes 3-4 times per year for the NAWCC and Industry. It is my practice to never suggest anything I have not successfully completed myself and or demonstrated. Its only been about 20...
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    Aluminum Bronze welding rod for bushings

    Jon Sorry I missed the bronze part but only seen "bushings from bar stock" and assumed brass. At any rate all still applies for bronze in that suppliers do not always list everything they sell and you have to ask. This would also apply to Mc Master Car. However, not all metal of...
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    Help Broken dial foot

    Dean While the dial is only 1mm thick, less than I expected, my post #4 would still apply but require far more precise machining. With your criteria in mind (1) do not want to disturb the face (2) need to move the post location slightly. There is possibly another option to consider as...
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    Aluminum Bronze welding rod for bushings

    Jon Any of the major metal supply houses can supply brass stock from 1/16" and up in various grades. The following is a sample link. Jerry Kieffer
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    Help Broken dial foot

    Dean What is the thickness of your dial and the diameter of the post. Jerry Kieffer
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