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  1. Markus Harris

    Webb C Ball Records and the 962

    Jim, I'll pass your request up the line to the Publications Dept. and see what shakes out. I think there's a minimum, but I'm not sure how that works. Best, Markus
  2. Markus Harris

    Webb C Ball Records and the 962

    Lasser's List is out of print, and no longer available through the NAWCC store. For reference, the direct link to our store site is: Shop There are of course copies of Lasser's List in the NAWCC library for on-site viewing, or which an interested party can check out. Lending Library info is...
  3. Markus Harris

    Problem upload error

    That looks like the photo file may be setting off a malware alarm. Some photos have bad stuff embedded in them. Sometimes even if they don't, there may be coincidental markers in the file that trigger a security warning, because they superficially resemble base64 code or some other trick from...
  4. Markus Harris

    NAWCC 50 Year Membership Award

    This award is presented to any NAWCC member with 50 consecutive (or cumulative) years of membership. Click the link below to view the digital award plaque:
  5. Markus Harris

    Notice Check out today's update

    Okay. It just looked out of the ordinary to me, compared with other forums.
  6. Markus Harris

    Notice Check out today's update

    Correct. I didn't know they hadn't been added to in so long. My bad. In any case, here's a screenshot of the odd Filtering behavior. I haven't selected anything to be filtered, but still, it presents me with a filter "based on prefix." Just thought it worth mentioning. I know prefixes have...
  7. Markus Harris

    Notice Check out today's update

    There is some unusual behavior in the NAWCC Governance area, also. There seems to be an issue wherein results in Board Motions and Board Motions Debate where the displayed posts are being auto-filtered by date, with recent posts hidden or omitted. The popup seems to indicate the filtering has...
  8. Markus Harris

    Access to How to articles

    The top link is from 2015, the older (vBulletin) version of this board. It's the wrong format. The lower link is from the current message board, and is formatted correctly for the current XenForo software.
  9. Markus Harris

    Posted on Behalf of Dan Weiss

    NOTE: Dan recently emailed me that he has been experiencing difficulties using the message board. He was clear that the difficulty is not technical: it has to do with his own memory and with the posting process itself. Of course I offered to post anything he wished to this forum for him. Below...
  10. Markus Harris

    Help Is there a buy, sell, trade on this website?

    The "NAWCC Buy/Sell" group on Facebook is NOT an official outlet sponsored or run by the Association. It is, rather, an un-official group of FB users who created it so they would have a place to buy/sell/trade there. The NAWCC formerly maintained an official online Sales & Auction site where...
  11. Markus Harris

    New Orange Logout Flag

    The consultants made the changes over the weekend to script the log in behavior. I had no idea when they would do that. Over the weekend isn't very wise, I agree. They did not have access to the correct "new" orange log out button. I have (just now) manually gone into the php scripting here...
  12. Markus Harris

    Smartphone Interface

    Most Android users can take a screen shot by simultaneously pressing the "power" button and the "down" button. It's just like pushing the "Print Screen" button on a PC.
  13. Markus Harris

    The "Home" Function

    I don't like the HOME button taking users off the MB site, either. I suggest we re-link the logo and HOME button to THIS site, and add a prominent "NAWCC HOME" link somewhere in the the header.
  14. Markus Harris

    NAWCC Web Site Problem

    Correct. It takes time for the Google search spiders to index a website and add the info to the Google database. A site as large as ours takes weeks, sometime months. Google had long ago indexed the old message board, and only had to keep that index up to date by scanning our site every couple...
  15. Markus Harris

    NAWCC Web Site Problem

    There is no "activate." It is already loaded and active. If you click on it, it takes you to the iMIS log in, and if you log in there, it returns you back to this site. It is fully active. There is no auto-login script on Xenforo that runs whenever a user loads the page and checks for the...
  16. Markus Harris

    NAWCC Web Site Problem

    It seems obvious Candix is discussing this Message Board, and not the main NAWCC website.
  17. Markus Harris

    Log In Icon

    Actually, the background of the avatars was ALWAYS transparent. But there was a color glitch, so that "transparent" colors were instead displayed as "blue." Against the off-white background, that kinda worked. When Tom fixed the transparency issue, the "blue" went away. When he changed the...
  18. Markus Harris

    Testing 1,2,3

    Posting a new thread to test the board.
  19. Markus Harris

    "New Posts" less flexible

    The external security vendor was cleaning up a minor malware incursion and accidentally broke the page formatting (again). They are working to restore the formatting files. Again. Should be fixed soon. Meanwhile, we've put in a special request to add the procedure to our user file as a...
  20. Markus Harris

    Dan, are you still out there?

    For all who have expressed concern about Dan: I just spoke to him on the phone a few minutes ago. He's been having some trouble with his knees lately, which makes getting around extremely difficult, plus his computer is on the fritz and he needs to have a tech drop by and straighten it out. But...
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