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    Family Jewelry clock of unknown background

    from my failing memory I believe your clock to be an Ansonia or a Seth Thomas. I'll pull out my books later and look up the exact model number. By the way, your clock appears to be missing its sweep second hand that attaches through the hole in the center of the other 2 hands.
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    18th Century Longcase Clock

    the good news is that I'm 100% certain if you got the clock to a skilled clock repair person it can be fixed. I personally don't know of any in your area but do know of a few in the US. Also I suspect that your clock wasn't veneered but was painted in a style that's called "japanning", if you...
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    Help Needed on Industrial Clock

    I have 2 videos of what you need however I get an error message saying the file is too large to attach. Please send me your direct email and I’ll try to get them both to you. My email is:
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    GLT Guilmet Clock Query

    Interesting model that I've never seen, thanks for posting the video. I wouldn't mind finding one for sale
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    GLT Guilmet Clock Query

    Wow! Wonderful piece and that's one I've never seen. Any chance you can post (or send me direct) a video showing the rocking motion?
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    Charles Cooper Grandfather Clock

    Absolutely has a calendar hand and function which is partially hidden by one of the other hands. Look closely to see the numbers 1 thru 31 on the inner part of the dial
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    Kosmic clocks

    Myself and a friend bought this very clock from the gentleman who bought it at the auction in Canada. It has since been sympathetically restored and sold. It actually wasn't in bad condition, mostly needed some cosmetic work. I've owned 3 Kosmic's in the past 40 years, they are scarce.
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    Can Anyone Interpret this Signature/Clockmaker?

    That style clock is generally Scottish from the 1840-1860 +/- period.
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    E. Howard #4

    I’ve owned dozens of Howard banjos and can assure you that color bottom glass is an original color used by Howard. They were not all standard red. I’m not certain whether that color (purplish?) was used for a certain production year or made by a specific supplier but it’s a 100% color used...
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    $ What is this clock worth

    Ok here goes. The clock is a US Clock model “G”. For some reason it’s not shown in any of the reference books, however, I bought one years ago from a seller that actually found in listed in a an original US Clock Co catalog in the Columbia museum archives. I’ve owned 4 of these, two with...
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    $ What is this clock worth

    Brian, I usually don't like to post values publicly as it will quite often begin a debate. Having used to do appraisals, I've had reprisals from family members who didn't agree with the values I would place on estate pieces. Far too often family members vastly inflate their antiques values and...
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    $ What is this clock worth

    Dean, please check your private messages.
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    Durfee like so many companies who place their name on something they didn't make quite often had the manufacturer leave their name off so as not to be able to identify the maker. Same as (for example) what Sear's did lawn mowers, washing machines, refrigerator, etc. Also, the same with many...
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    I believe your clock is either a Waltham or a Durfee (Waltham made most of the Durfee's). Very nice clock with a higher than usual quality set of reverse painted glasses. It is absolutely 100% NOT anything made by any of the Willard family!
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    Early Thomson clock from Edinburgh, ID help

    I sent you a private message.
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    American E. Howard #21 “Special” Marble Front Clock

    thanks, but won’t be for sale anytime soon!
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    James Hansell Tall case

    I would certainly agree with the given date of 1840 give or take a few years. Appears to be a very nice clock although at sometime in its past someone Victorianized it by replacing the solid door with glass, probably so as to be able to see the pendulum swinging. I've seen this dozens of...
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    Waltham Tall Clock

    that's an unusual configuration for a Waltham tall clock. Can you post photos of where and how its signed Waltham and of the movement and seatboard?
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    Please ID this Clock Can you help identify this clock?

    Kelly, you can email me directly at: I have a few photos I can share with you.