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    Image Upload Practice

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    Watch batteries

    Cjo Good question. Unfortunately not a simple answer. I volunteer at a local not-for-profit thrift shop. I am in charge of the watches, clocks and other stuff that nobody else wants to fool with. I check out the watches that come in from donation, insert new batteries and ensure that they...
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    What About This 14k USA Movado Case?

    Update TL;DR version: The watch case was manufactured by the Lapwell Watch Case Company of Greenvale, NY. To both readers still interested in this thread: The trademark questioned in post 1 belonged to the Lapwell Watch Case Company of Greenvale, NY. Further research found that Movado...
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    What About This 14k USA Movado Case?

    Who cased this watch and what do the numbers inside the case back mean? The watch is a mid-60s 14k Movado Kingmatic Sub Sea 28 jewels. The case is a 14k front-loader. The movement is a Movado caliber 395, 28 jewels, adjusted 2 positions (BTW very dirty). I believe that Movado shipped the...
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    American Watch Case Co., Ltd. (Toronto)

    Here is some info for your AWC Co case study. A sweet little 14k 0s 15j Waltham lady's brooch watch. Waltham movement serial 16246650, AWC Co case serial 171911. Cuvette engraved with a presentation: L.M. Hoyt 2-11-16. "H" monogram engraved on cover. Dennis Lockwood
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    I don't collect Hamiltons and I don't collect Balls

    Congrats Ben. Love the low serial number too. What about the case? Is it a Ball marked case? Does it have an extra set of screw marks? Best regards Dennis Lockwood
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    Gruen marked movement is not

    Art, Far from an expert so if I go astray I hope the community will correct me. FHF stands for: Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Fontainemelon Here is a link with more information about FHF: Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Fontainemelon - Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands The good Herr Doktor...
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    Gruen marked movement is not

    Art FHF 59-21? Regards, Dennis Lockwood
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    Gruen Movement Catalog - Movement Map....a new angle to view Gruen watch movements

    Re: Gruen Movement Catalog - Movement Map....a new angle to view Gruen watch movement Mike, Superb job, a lot of work and us Gruen guys appreciate it. But...My old tired color blind eyes cannot see the difference between your blue and purple wheels. If I may speak for approximately 8% of...
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    A railroad watch at the beach??

    f2, I live on a barrier island on the Southeast US coast (ie "at the beach") a couple hundred yards from the intracoastal waterway. My house is climate controlled, I wear my watches wherever I please although never to or in the ocean. Never any problems. Personally I would worry more about...
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    Bulova Commander AQ 1974 Variant with 2 Date Stamps on Movement Bridge

    I posted this watch over at All they could say is that it does not conform to available advertising for 1960s Commanders. Has anyone ever seen one of these, specifically this dial and hand combination which separates it from the 1960s Commander AQ? The 10COAC movement has...
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    Anybody Aware of S&K 14k Cases? Aurora 18s Grade 3 EXTRA PL

    Picked up my first Aurora watch. It is housed in an 18 size 14k S&K hunter case. I am not familiar with S&K. Can anybody tell me about S&K cases? What does S&K stand for? Did they have different grades of cases? I did not see S&K in the encyclopedia nor did an internet search prove...
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    Ball Hamilton 284915 Mystery

    During a recent scrutiny of the Hamilton factory ledgers I ran across a puzzling entry. Movement serial 284915 is a bit of an odd bird. Is anybody aware of this and has it come up before? For those readers who are NAWCC members, please refer to this Hamilton factory ledger page as a picture is...
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    Hamilton Serial Number Lookup Problem

    Hi again, Just stopped by to say Thanks. Thanks for getting my page of the Hamilton factory ledger working. I appreciate the effort. Pass on my thanks to whomever did the work. Great effort! Best regards, Dennis Lockwood
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    Hamilton Serial Number Lookup Problem

    Hi Bill, Yes, I have been monitoring that thread because its symptoms are suspiciously like mine. I tried two different browsers, both on my iPad. The first browser I tried was Mercury for iPad. It was the browser that first did not work, then it did work late yesterday, finally today does...
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    Hamilton Serial Number Lookup Problem

    Markus, Problem still exists as of this writing but... I tried again yesterday afternoon and I was able to view the 1700xx page of the Hamilton factory ledger. Whatever you did (if anything) temporarily solved the problem. But this morning I again was blocked from looking at the page. I can...
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    Hamilton Serial Number Lookup Problem

    When I try to look up serial 170033 (or for that matter any Hammy serial number between 170001 and 170100) it does properly take me to the Hamilton search page. But when I click on the underlined serial numbers for further reference it goes to a page that tells me that I must log in! I am...
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    Early Ball Hamilton 18s Model Number Questions

    Hello Guys and Gals, This post deals with Early Ball Hamilton model numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), NOT grade numbers (e.g. 999A, 999B, etc.). The below photos show my Ball Hamilton 18s 17j pocket watch, movement serial 170033 (single roller BTW). I picked it up a couple of years ago from a...
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    How to Polish Plastuc Len/Crystal on Watch

    Hi all, I found 2 solutions that work well and have not been mentioned yet. The first is Brasso. Brasso is a slightly abrasive liquid metal polish but will remove scratches from acrylic crystals. Pour a small dot of Brasso on a rag and rub it onto the crystal. Rub rub rub until the polish...
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    $ Bunn Spcl 163A Flying J - 24 Hour Dial?

    Fred and Jim, Thank you for your kind input. I'm feeling a little better about passing up this auction item. We don't know who added the extra numbers or why. I speculate that it could have been added at the request of a railroader (original owner?) as many of these watches were popular with...