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    Replacing Brass Bushings

    I am currently working on a wood plate movement with brass wheels and brass bushings. The second wheel pivot is worn in a cone shape from 65 thou down to 40 thou and the pivot hole is worn open to 77 thou. My first question is do you think I should reduce the entire pivot to 40 thou or does...
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    sensitive drill press

    I recently bought at auction a sensitive drill press that needs a good cleaning. The table column was very sticky so I removed it and wiped it down well and it's much better but I think it still needs a little better cleaning. What would you recommend cleaning it with? Also on the the x and...
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    Fusee clock question.

    I recently picked a small (12 inch) time only Fusee English Dial Clock. An old description on the back of the clock describes the clock as a chain drive Fusee. It seems that at some point it has been changed to a cable drive. My first thought was to attempt to find a chain that fits (I...
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    Jauch center shaft

    I'm working on Jauch Grandfather movement that has a badly grooved center shaft pivot. The original size was 1.52 mm that I cut down to 1.07 mm a reduction of .45 or about 30%. Now I'm concerned that this is to much of a reduction and I should consider having it re-pivoted. I am not in a...
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    chelsea ships bell

    I am working on a Chelsea ships bell and can not get it to strike the odd strike. After the gathering pallet falls off the rack the spring will push up the the lever that holds the hammer for the last two strikes. This movement looks like the one Jeff C posted on 03/22/09. Any help you can...
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