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  1. Toughtool

    No Electricity and 1 Clock

    Wait a minute! Didn't he say: That means no batteries too, doesn't it? That pretty much leaves the sun dial. At least that's accurate on a good day, albeit not a lot of resolution. It can also tell you the date so you will know when the year is up. Plus, you don't need to wind it up.
  2. Toughtool

    Barr & Poole Poole Electric Clock Parts

    Sorry to say this but, this post is 13.5 years old and he hasn't posted since January of this year. I suggest you try PMing him.
  3. Toughtool

    International Time Recording Company

    My clock is much later. It apparently was shipped with the electrical synchronous motor conversion that eliminated the mainsprings. This conversion modification, called an RPQ, I understand was field installable. Also my face (which was defaced before I got it) does not have the wind key holes...
  4. Toughtool

    Clock Identification Help

    Please do not assume it is mains voltage. That is a good way to burn up a DC coil. Most likely it is a DC circuit or low voltage AC. I hope someone jumps in with the information you need. Joe
  5. Toughtool

    International Time Recording Co. Master Wall Clock

    Bruce, Yeah, I know this comment is two years old. Gleber's clock looks great but his weights are uneven. I certainly wouldn't use those Amazon hangers to mount this clock. I have a 1/4 inch diameter lag bolt into a stud for mine. Here are the installation instructions (pages 2,3, and 4) from...
  6. Toughtool

    Mixing Synchronome & Gents slave dials

    I still think I'm right. I found this PDF on the Synchronome clocks that may be helpful. According to the paragraph on page 3, the “dials” require one volt each. For ballpark calculations of your resistors I suggest you measure the voltage of a movement (dial) with the correct current flowing...
  7. Toughtool

    Mixing Synchronome & Gents slave dials

    It would be good to find the voltage drop of the slave unit requiring the highest current first. You can measure it. Then using R=E/I, E =the voltage drop, I=current requirments of that unit, R will be the total resistance for that unit (resistor + unit's resistance) at it's required current...
  8. Toughtool

    Mixing Synchronome & Gents slave dials

    This can be a little complicated to fix. First, in a series circuit, the current is the same through each voltage drop. Also in a series circuit the sum of the individual voltage drops must equal the source voltage. (See Kirchhoff's Law) I believe in your Synchronome master clock system (if...
  9. Toughtool

    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    That is a cool idea. Looks great! Now all you need is a pendulum kicker to keep it swinging.
  10. Toughtool

    ITR slave clock power

    I noticed that my last post was left in the air. So an update. I added a protection diode, a 3 amp, 1000 Peak Inverse voltage (at $7.00 for Qty of 50) to reduce the effects of the induced Back EMF of the coil on the regulated output of the converter. This is mounted across the output of the DC...
  11. Toughtool

    Electric Neon Clock restoration guidance.

    davefr, that tester is pretty cool. Something a fellow NAWCC poster tought me about links. You will notice in your link that there is a question mark ("?") in the link. If you delete the question mark and all after, the link is a lot shorter and will work fine. instead of all this: I...
  12. Toughtool

    Electric Neon Clock restoration guidance.

    The transformer looks "potted", to me. Meaning it was dipped in a heated tar bath to completly soak everything; winding, steel laminations, and frame. This is a way to reduce noise or 60 Hz hum. Transformers, especially high voltage ones can make a lot of noise from the wires and laminations...
  13. Toughtool

    Hi Everyone

    It could be a cathode short. As Schatznut says, open circuit measurment would tell if the transformer is good. I was wondering what the pot was for too. And there is that burn mark on the case of the motor. What's that?
  14. Toughtool

    Hi Everyone

    45 volts out, wow! Does it get hot? I looked around and found this transformer. 110 through 240 VAC primary ; 570 VAC at 150mA. (click the "371X") 371X Good luck finding a replacment. That must be a glow in the dark clock for night operation, so you won't loose your night vision.
  15. Toughtool

    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    Drew, I knew about the serial number list. I've used the list to date my secondaries. I've never looked for a serial number of my recorder but I have looked for the serial on my 1930 weight driven master clock. That serial number was removed along with the contact set and bracket; I guess when...
  16. Toughtool

    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    Here is a photo of my International Recorder. It came out of a cotton mill in Moultrie Ga. It was used as a time clock only, but I was told (in 1966 when I bought it) the face was modified and had contacts for something. When I got it it had no wire or contact parts, just the holes in the face...
  17. Toughtool

    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    This looks like the movement to a ITR Time Recorder. IBM came out with an electrical conversion and I have one of the recorders that has the conversion. Chances of finding a donor for parts are slim. I would stay electric and save winding all the time. Probably why IBM came out with the...
  18. Toughtool

    Sohm clock

    That's a pretty cool looking movement. Hefty coil wires too.
  19. Toughtool

    Sohm clock

    What does a Sohm clock look like?
  20. Toughtool

    Questions about IMB/ITR Master Clock power supply

    David, The diagram is the same as my key although I have not used my digital caliper to check the actual dimensions shown. I think the tolerances are very tight. Even my key does not turn smoothly sometimes. You may need to work in it a little. Try painting the key with layout dye and see if...

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