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  1. Altashot

    Polishing compounds for steel pallets

    Sand paper glued on popcycle sticks. I have various grits. Sometimes, if there are deep ruts, I start with 320 then work my way up. I have grits as follows. 320, 400, 600, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 12000. By the time I’m at 12000, the pallets, or whatever else, are like mirrors. I find that...
  2. Altashot

    Servicing a clock question.

    I always try to be as thorough as I can upon inspection. I then give the client a quote, not an estimate, a firm quote. If I missed something during my inspection, that’s on me. Sometimes I am asked if I can do it cheaper or not fix this or that to save them money. I refuse and explain that...
  3. Altashot

    Useful “lathe” from bench grinder

    That’s the tail stock of a watchmaker’s lathe. I am not sure what the other things are but I can see a collet. Useful? Absolutely, if you have the rest of the lathe. M.
  4. Altashot

    Cuckoo music box song is strange.

    I almost never repair yard sales cuckoos. The customer often comes in my shop all happy that he got the clock for $30.00. Not so happy when he finds out that it’ll cost $450.00 to repair it... In most cases, he just leaves it with me, which I promptly dispose of the abomination. Can we...
  5. Altashot

    Useful “lathe” from bench grinder

    Collets are far better than a Jacob chuck, quality collets that is. In my opinion, home made contraption will never replace a proper lathe. It might get you by and do ok work but... Lathes have been around for a long time and other than modern electronics, have remained mostly unchanged...
  6. Altashot

    Cuckoo chain wheel bushing

    It doesn’t really matter how thick or thin the bushing wall is, as long as it is not too thin to wear through rapidly or that it buckles and cannot hold in the hole properly and that the pivot shoulder rests entirely on the bushing. I make a lot of custom bushings instead of trying to find a...
  7. Altashot

    Help Hand slippage

    Likely a loose clutch. You might be able to tighten it, but the movement will need to be taken apart. Check the hands carefully too, I’m thinking the hand bushing. M.
  8. Altashot

    Pivot polishing compound alternatives

    Many nations known for their less than perfect products are perfectly capable of making good quality as well. They’ll do whatever is requested of them. It’s easy to blame them for making crap but It’s the current attitude of “I want it cheap, and I want it now” that drives poor quality...
  9. Altashot

    Pivot polishing compound alternatives

    The cost I guess comes down to production cost. It’s expensive to start up a machine only for a short run. These tools are not in great demand so they are expensive to produce. That, and Vallorbe tools are of an excellent quality and quality tools are not cheap. I can not recommend poor...
  10. Altashot

    Pivot polishing compound alternatives

    These pivot file/ burnishers, as far as I can tell are not made for right or left handed users, they are made to be used under or over the pivots, hense the handing. All the lathes I’ve seen always have the head stock on the left, so it doesn’t matter what hand you favour. It’s the method you...
  11. Altashot

    Setting up moon phase. Mid-day, mid-night?

    On many clocks with moon phases, it often take 3-4 hours from the moment the moon dial is engaged to the moment that the detent sets it into position. I normally set it up so that it starts engaging at about 10:00. that way it completes the change by about 2:00. Clock don't really have an AM...
  12. Altashot

    ultrasonic cleaner

    Ok, thank you. M.
  13. Altashot

    Never seen this before. Odd part in Gilbert movement.

    Strange... Looks like an attempt at making a shoddy bushing job. Definitely not original, ugly and possibly ineffective. M.
  14. Altashot

    ultrasonic cleaner

    I see many of you are fans of Deox 007. I’ve tried it and I liked that it’s pretty much odourless but I was not happy with the effectiveness of it. Are you using it at full strength? I diluted mine 7:1 as recommended, but if I remember correctly, it says that it can be used as is for heavily...
  15. Altashot

    What do you use in your ultrasonic?

    L and R 134, diluted 7:1 as recommended. No heat. M.
  16. Altashot

    Assemblers Putty

    I can see rodico work if you where to install the wheel in its picot then putting a bit of rodico to hold it straight, but, I am with Willie that it would get in the picot holes and be difficult to remove if one was to stab a wheel through the rodico to hold it to the plate. Rodico is indeed a...
  17. Altashot

    Assemblers Putty

    Rodico would work. M.
  18. Altashot

    Pricing structure for cuckoo repair

    If I can’t fix it, no matter how much I tried, no matter how much time I spent on it, there is no charge. What have I gained from all of this? Experience, that’s what I’ve gained, and that’s priceless. It’s only happened once. Now, if I see one that is just too damn wrecked, I simply decline...
  19. Altashot

    New and better method for mainspring cap reinserting?!?!

    I purchased it from Amazon. There are several brands of several sizes. Mine is a 1/2 ton. It was just under $100 CA. M.
  20. Altashot

    New and better method for mainspring cap reinserting?!?!

    Here’s the press. With the handle assembly removed, I can pull out the “ram”. Here’s the hole at one end, the other end I kept flat. Here it is with a punch installed in the hole. This one is very long, I can’t remember what I needed it for but it was the first one I grabbed for this...

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