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    Horolovar company still in business

    Good news! I just called the Horolovar company to get some info. They are in business. You can purchase parts from them. Ming
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    German clock making video

    Follow the link below to see a video about making clock. Ming
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    Adjustable anchor pallets vs. fixed pallets

    Hello, I am not an expert on clocks and their parts. Here in this 400-day clock forum, experts always warn beginners not to do anything on those adjustable pallets before they really know what was the problem. All these caused me to think why many clock makers chose to use adjustable pallets...
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    Seth Thomas clock dating please

    Hello, I purchased this cute little clock from local flea marcket. It is 7.25" tall and time only. Please let me know the model number and the dating. Any info about the clock will be very appreciated. Ming
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    How to set up so that the most recent reply will shown on top

    Hello, Can any one show me how to set up so the most recent reply will shown on top of each thread. The old system did that. But this new system always show the recent reply last. One has to go to last page to see the most recent reply. Thank you in advance. Ming
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    Clocks as gifts to Chinese Emperors

    Hello, I just came back from a 4-week vacation from Gulangyu, China, my hometown. During the stay, I visited the Museum with exhibition of clock gifts from European countries to Chinese Emperors. I think you may have some interests in them. The photos are not very good as all the clocks are in...
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    How to clean porcelain hair line crack and seal the line?

    Hello, I have a nice Seth Thomas Empire crystal Regulator with a hair line crack across the white dial. Is there a way to clean the hair line and seal it? Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Ming
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    Please help to date this Kienzle Plate 1435

    Hello, I just acquired this Kienzle clock with plate number 1435 and serial number 133735. The clock plates, wheels and pendulum were gold plated. They are still in very good condition. The main spring were full with dried grease which turned into varnish. The arbor of the main spring could...
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    Free 3mm stainless nuts and wave washers

    Hello, The company I work has a lot of 3mm stainless nuts. We order certain product and the nut came with it. We do not need them. So our people just recycle them. We also have a lot of wave washer for 3mm screw. These wave washer is not stainless. If any one need the 3mm stainless screw nuts...
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    The Evolution

    Hello, I acquired this French stature clock some months ago. The sculpture was signed by Waagen. I did a research on line and found out the clock has a story behind. It all began with a oil painting by a French painter Jean-Francois Millet 1859. The Angelus (L'Angelus) is an oil painting...
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    Please help date

    Hello, I picked up this Kiennger & Obergfell clock today. The back plate is very similar to Plate 1355 except lack a small hole below first wheel pivot hole. The serial number is 12935. Please let me know if this belong to Plate 1355 family and the datting. Thank you in advance. Ming
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    Little beauty Ansonia clock dating and model, please.

    Hello, I got this little beauty time only Ansonia clock from local flea market. My wife likes the clock. After cleaned up and lubed, the clock is running just fine. The clock is 6.25" tall and 5.25" wide. Would you please date the clock and the model name for me. Any information about the clock...
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    Please help to date this Waltham travel clock 15 jewels 8 day

    Hello, I got this travel clock yesterday from local flea market. The serial number is 30622901. Please help me to date the clock. Thank you in advance. Ming
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    Information needed for this Gustav Becker wall clock

    Hello, I acquired this Gustav Becker wall clock yesterday. I am quite sure the top piece is not original. The clock also miss the bottom piece. The serial number is 1746400. According to John Hubby's Gustave Becker time table, it is ca.early 1904. Please let me know what the top and bottom...
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    Gustav Becker dating needed. Please help.

    I acquired this clock recently. I like to have first hand experience on the beat setting system. The clock has a strange low serial number 359. The disc pendulum has a very think shell. Please help me to date this clock. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. I will restore the...
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    Quarter hour chime clock lifter pins on hour wheel are not exact 90º from each other

    I have a quarter chime clock with the pins on hour wheel not exact at 90º from each other. So the chimes do not start at exact quarters. I can only compensate a little but not cover all four quarters. If you have a way to make it correct, please let me know. I will very appreciate any input...
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    My new Gustav Becker wall clock

    Hello, I purchased this huge GB wall clock from a German clock collector last week. He retired and is preparing to go back to Germany. He claimed that he bought the clock from an US Naval officer from Annapolis, Maryland. The officer told him the clock was from a castle in Germany before...
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    Please help to ID this Vienna regulator

    Hello, I acquired this clock last week thinking it was a Vienna regulator clock. The clock is in bad shape. The case needs a lot of work. The enamel chapter ring has cracks everywhere. There is no trade mark or any letter except serial number on both front and back plate. Please help me to...
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    Is 1942 Herschede hall clock with 5 chime tubes a good clock to have?

    Hello, there is a Herschede Hall Clock with 5 chime tubes said to be made in 1942. I am kind of interested in it. Is this a good production year for Herschede clock? I read that after WWII Herschede had to reduce the quality to compete with Germany made clocks. My question is if in 1942...
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    JUF circle and double elephant with Adoria Adjusted signed dial

    Hello, This is my latest collection. I was not able to find any information about Adoria. Any information about this signed dial will be highly appreciated. This clock came with a broken main spring and a broken brass original suspension spring. Fortunately, all wheel teeth were not damaged...

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