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    Ansonia Figure Clock case help

    Hi Everyone, I just acquired this clock today. I have always wanted a figure clock and Ansonia is my favorite maker so I decided to purchase this one at a fair price (at least I think I did). However, I was looking at the case and it would seem someone tried to polish the case as evidenced by...
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    Can this suspension spring be fixed?

    I recently obtained this beautiful regulator clock that was in need of lots of repairs. I got the case back to it's beautiful shape, but when getting the clock running, I noticed the suspension spring is pretty bent. Can this be fixed? If so any help in how to do it would be appreciated. I...
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    Ingraham Wizard Repair/restore

    Hi All, I am in the process of, or rather really just starting, to restore this old Ingraham Wizard Clock. As you can see by the photos, a number of places have worn, chipped or missing paint. I would like to repaint the clock, but am not sure as to what type of paint to use. I was thinking...
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    Clock parts wanted-older posts

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of finishing up restoration on a EN Welch "Maritana" I am looking for the particular hardware for the sides. I have included a photo I have found on the web of the clock as well as a photo of mine before and after. Please send me a PM if you have this...
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    My Newest Ansonia

    Hi Everyone, I just got this clock last night at an auction. There were lots of clocks there last night and I would have loved to bring home a couple of them, but this is the one I was fortunate enough to win. I looked up information on line but I thought I'd come to the experts. Can someone...
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    Waterbury Dexter Clock

    Hi All, I went to our local consignment and thrift store and saw this clock yesterday. Having been dupped before I wanted to do a little research on it before buying it. I did some digging and found it is the Waterbury Dexter, Cottage Clock I think. It would appear to have the original...
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    Seth Thomas clock case label restoration

    I bought this clock case off eBay for a challenge in repairing and restoration. It certainly has been that. I have included some before's and afters of what I have so far. I didn't need to refinish the case (the after photos isn't that great) it was just covered in muck and mire. I started...
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    So far so good, Japanese clock case repair/restoration

    I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of what I believe is a Japanese wall clock. I question if it's a regulator. At any rate, this was a great challenge for me. I still have some touch ups to do, but I'm getting there. The clock still needs replacement glass, a suspension rod/spring...
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    Is there a name for this Gilbert?

    Hi All, I bought this very cool Gilbert, what should be, black mantle clock for restoration. It is labeled as you can see, but I can't find any information on this particular clock. I'm hoping to be able to find a match to be able to restore it to as close to it's original form as I can...
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    Sessions restoration

    Hi everyone, I was out an about today and found a beautiful Sessions clock (I think it's a cottage clock). Sadly some fool painted it white, but that's not my dilemma. When I turned the clock around I saw the label still there, painted over. I was heartsick. I have included a picture in...
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    Looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to clock collecting and repair. I really have a love of clocks and restoring them to their original condition as much as possible. I can restore quite well, but the repair part eludes me. I am able to identify most of the parts but I really want to learn more...
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    Ansonia alarm clock, age and composition of the body?

    Hi Everyone, I recently acquired this Ansonia Alarm clock. It needs a little bit of work, but I'm up for the challenge. Two things though, I can't find it anywhere on line and I'm wondering the age of the clock and of what the body is made. At first I thought Bronze, but I'm thinking metal...
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    Refinishing job/need a new verge

    Hi Everyone, I need a little bit of help...but first, I just wanted to post the refinishing job I did on this New Haven Gingerbread clock. I found this in a thrift store painted and was horrifed. It took me a long time to fix up because I didn't want to disturb the integrity of the design...
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    Removing a mainspring?

    Hi everyone, I need a little bit of help. I just purchased a Daniel Pratt and Son mantle clock with a Ingraham movement. When I opened up the back of the clock I found the mainspring to be unwound. It didn't not respond to my winding and when I took the movement off, I could see that the...
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    Counting lever spring repair

    Hi everyone, Back for more advice....I have an Ansonia Mantle clock that when I got running wouldn't stop chiming. So before taking it apart, I played with it a little and noticed the counting lever wasn't resting in place in the counting gear. It would fall into each divot on the counting...
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    Clock hands question

    Hi All, I just picked up a key wind Ansoina Tambour yesterday (I think that's the style clock, or hump back?) The minute hand is broken off to the base and I need to buy a replacement one. When I went to clocksavers I noticed a bunch of them in that style. Since I can't measure the minute...
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    Recommendations for good and useful clock books

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a couple of really good books on clocks. I'm looking particularly for ones on repairs and ones on identifying clocks. I have so many questions and I'm trying not to post them all in a week. The people on these boards are really helpful...
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    Need parts for a Gilbert Hollywood Clock

    Hi All, I'm new to this site and to clock collecting and repair. I found a Gilbert Hollywood clock at a thrift store that I picked up for 35 bucks. I love the clock. I realized it was souch a deal because it was missing parts to run. I found the pendulum on Ebay, but I have been looking...
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    Could someone help me identify this clock?

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to clock collecting and repairing and I found this great clock at an antique store. It's missing most it's works and the cover to the back of the clock I can see no identifying marks on this clock other than some numbers on the bottom (two rows of numbers the first...

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