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  1. Les harland

    Tempests in teapots

    Nobody has answered the original question:- Is teapot one word or two? It can be either the same as tea cup That is in British English
  2. Les harland

    Gillett and Johnston (half-muffling a bell)

    Going back to the first clip in the original post A bit of Blu Tack or similar under the muffle will stop it slipping round and the bell ringing when it should be muffled and vice versa Make sure you get all the Blu Tack off of the clapper when removing the muffle, it is surprisingly good at...
  3. Les harland

    Time piece age

    Out of curiosity if I were to put an old movement into a different case would the age of the clock or watch be:- The age of the movement , case or when I put them together?
  4. Les harland

    Gillett and Johnston (half-muffling a bell)

    Novicetimekeeper If you decided to go ringing again you would be welcome back Some things have changed, a lot hasn't For example going down the pub after ringing, it is thirsty work There can be a lot of history up a Church tower for example bells which date back to the 1500s You should get...
  5. Les harland

    Happy Easter

    It is the same Church as last time
  6. Les harland

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter
  7. Les harland

    Breakthrough in Antikythera research!

    If the ancient Greeks were capable of designing and building a mechanism like that what else is out there waiting to be found?
  8. Les harland

    Breakthrough in Antikythera research!

    Who designed the Antikythera and how did they do it?
  9. Les harland

    J. Hicks London Aneroid Barometer Help

    Going slightly off topic I looked up Mr Hicks in Loomes Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World and found:- Hicks J London Hatton Garden c1870- c1900 Barometers
  10. Les harland

    British Museum On-Line John Harrison "Show"

    Thanks Ethan it is very interesting Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and I can go to the British Museum to have a look, it is only about 25 miles away from me
  11. Les harland

    Big Ben "picture" from Park Lane Gallery

    The 01 in the telephone No was replaced by 081 or 071 in 1990 01 was in use during the 1970s
  12. Les harland

    Analog versus digital, what next?

    This is getting very complicated, I think I will stick to Mensa puzzles They are easier to understand
  13. Les harland

    Analog versus digital, what next?

    I sounds to me mechanical clocks are digital with an analogue face I can see some longcase clock hands moving and stopping every "tick"
  14. Les harland

    Analog versus digital, what next?

    I should have said rolling ball clock, sorry about that
  15. Les harland

    Analog versus digital, what next?

    Out of curiosity is a ball clock classed as analogue or digital?
  16. Les harland

    Whitechapel Foundry's Future

    It would be great if they could start casting bells there again Whitechapel bells ere exported all over the world
  17. Les harland

    Pie in the sky prices.

    Can sellers make their profit on the shipping charges rather than the selling price? I have seen a few items with low selling price but extortionate shipping
  18. Les harland

    OK, if U won't join, will U SMILE on NAWCC?

    I have just tried Amazon UK Unfortunately the NAWCC is not an "eleigible organisation"
  19. Les harland

    OK, if U won't join, will U SMILE on NAWCC?

    I tried looking up Amazon Smile + my Country's name on the net The UK is I have not had chance to find out if the NAWCC is on their list of charities yet
  20. Les harland

    Y RNT U an NAWCC Member

    I see the NAWCC as an American association based in the USA where the majority of its members are If it does not look after them it will not last

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