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    Durham's Water Putty

    I have a nice clock but with a broken replacement tablet. Unfortunately it was put in with water putty. :( I believe that it is a form of plaster, not real putty. I want to replace the tablet. Does anyone know of a good removal process? John Teeter
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    Cloister Clock

    I have aquired a Cloister clock Corp. clock, model 2000, No.54 23. It is about 10 1/2" high without the dome and has the domed style bob. It is in running condition but has a bent suspension spring and I would like to replace it. Could someone tell me correct spring thickness for this clock and...
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    Silas Hoadley movement question

    I have a Silas Hoadley Pillar and Scroll clock. It is one of those with the Hoadley name misspelled on the label (Silas Hoadly). It has an Ephraim Downs movement which I believe is correct for this clock. What I would like to know is, what was the time period for Silas to be using these Downs...
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    R.W.Hatch -Clockmaker?

    Has anyone seen or heard of a contemporary wood movement clockmaker who signed his clocks " R.W.Hatch, Indianapolis Indiana" ?
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    Wooden Movement Clock Book

    The new book,"American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks 1712-1835" by Dr Philip Morris, will be available at the Mid-West Regional on Friday, August 5. It will also be available at the Chapter 194, Cog Counters, picnic on August 18th, and at the Eastern States Regional on August 19-20.
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    Austin Steele Tall Clock

    I have a wood movement tall clock with the dial signed "Austin Steele". The movement is a standard 30 hour Leavenworth. I have found that Austin Steele purchased movements from Mark Leavenworth at various times. Has anyone seen another Austin Steel dial or label?
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    Swedish Clock

    I recently acquired a Swedish wooden works clock and dial. It is time and alarm and has a signed wooden dial. The dial inscription reads "...49 Anders Jonsson i Hede". I would like to find out the approximate age and anything else anyone could add. Does anyone know anyone in Sweden that might...
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    Dial Adhesive

    What is the current best adhesive for gluing paper dials to metal dial pans?
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    Clutch Location.

    Where is the clutch (to allow the hands to be set) located on a wood posted, brass geared, weight driven, early German movement? I got this movement in to repair and it is pretty beat up and is missing some parts. The center post that carries the canon wheel and the hour pipe does not rotate.
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    Ives Roller Pinion Question

    I have an Joseph Ives, wood works, 8 day tall clock movement with roller pinions. I have noticed that some of the roller pinions have the rollers fixed to their shafts with the shafts rotating in the end caps (like the illustration in the Ken Roberts book) and some where the rollers are loose...
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    Tall clock door latch

    Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a replacement door latch for a Colonial Clock Co tall clock?
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    Black Forest Clock Book

    The book"A Brief History of the Black Forest Clock" by Heimut Kahiert, Richard Mule, and Magdalina Zeeler was recently favorably reviewed in Clocks Mag. I would like to find a source where I could purchase a copy. I have tried E-mailing the publisher, Deutsches Uhrenmuseum, and have gotten no...
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    Pin Wheel Regulator

    Help! I can not figure out how to get the minute hand off a very high quality clock that I am servicing. I was able to remove the seconds hand and the nut that secures the minute hand but the minute hand will not budge and I don't want to use any excessesive force. The hand itself has a large...
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    Hammer springs

    I am working on a Tiffany & Co. tall clock with a Waltham Movment that Chimes on 8 tubes (and strikes the hour on the ninth tube). The movement runs fine now but I and having trouble with the chime hammer springs which are strips of metal. They are .015 thick, .375 wide, and about 7.375 long...
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    reverse glass artist`

    Tom can be contacted at:115 South Howell St. Owosso MI 48867. His phone number is :989 723 3112. It is best to call him in the evening, never in the AM.

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