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  1. Kelly

    Weird miniature carriage clock...

    My wife inherited a little bitty brass carriage clock (I think that's the right term) a decade or so ago which apparently has been in her family for a few generations. She asked me to take a look at it since it has never in her memory run. Now I'm looking at it, and I'm not sure a) what kind...
  2. Kelly

    Smiths English "floating balance" clock: quick clean and restore?

    A relative gave me a clock to fix that I'm wanting to get back to them by Christmas. It is a Smiths English clock with a mechanism I've never worked on before: a "floating" balance wheel The 'obvious' fix was easy: the curved 'gong' bar was rotated and pressed against the balance wheel. I...
  3. Kelly

    Chauncey Jerome 8 day Ogee- date and other info appreciated

    I recently purchased my first ogee, a functional and reasonably (to me) appealing 8 day Chauncey Jerome. I'm looking for feedback from folks more knowledgeable than I am to help establish the approximate manufacturing date, and to confirm some of the details I have from the seller and my...
  4. Kelly

    Help identify/date Ingraham gingerbread clock

    I'm about to start on my third "learner" clock. This one is an Ingraham eight day time and strike. The mechanism and case seem original, although the paper clock face is pretty obviously a replacement. The glass may not be original either. See the attached pictures. The mechanism is...
  5. Kelly

    Pendulum problems- need to slow things down

    I'm having problems with regulation of the Ansonia mechanism I'm working on. As mentioned in my previous thread about this clock, it is running really well, but whoever had it before me replaced the pendulum leader rod with one that was far too short. This naturally made the clock run...
  6. Kelly

    My second teardown: first tick!

    The mechanism from my second learner clock, an Ansonia mantle clock, is now re-assembled and running on my test stand. This is my first really thorough teardown and repair: I even installed two replacement bushings! Thanks to lots of good advice and cheerful encouragement from folks on the...
  7. Kelly

    How to keep time/strike/chime gears in order during disassembly?

    I'm working on my second clock and was doing a pre-assembly after putting in a couple of replacement bushings. I had to refer to photos I'd taken during disassembly in order to figure out which gear belonged where. And a question occurred to me: how do folks keep track of which gears belong in...
  8. Kelly

    Ansonia case repairs- advice appreciated!

    I'm starting to work on my second "learner" clock, an Ansonia from the 1910-1920 era. I'm looking at the case now (pictures attached) and have some very novice questions I was hoping to get some guidance on: What kind of glue should I use: the top cornice is broken off. Is the glue used on...
  9. Kelly

    Commercial ultrasonic solutions in Canada?

    I placed an order with TimeSavers back in August for some cleaning solutions. When they didn't arrive, I contacted them and was told that they don't ship solutions to Canada any more. It would have been nice if they had told me and/or refunded the charges for what they don't ship, but...
  10. Kelly

    French mantle clock- some advice/guidance requested

    One of the first two clocks I bought stopped running about a week ago. Since this is not one of my "learner" clocks, I was really hoping it wouldn't require maintenance for a while. I'm looking now for some advice regarding a couple of possible problems I've noted with the mechanism. The...
  11. Kelly

    Ansonia mantle clock: model and age?

    I picked up this Ansonia-stamped clock a few weeks ago as another "fixer" for my learning collection. I'm wondering if someone can identify the model and approximate time of manufacture? I'm attaching front, back, and mechanism photos. I noticed a number stamped on the mechanism: "6 1/2"...
  12. Kelly

    Polish and burnish pivots without a lathe?

    I asked about priorities for tool purchases in a previous thread, and the general consensus seems to be that a lathe should be a rather low priority for me at this point. That leaves me, however, with a bit of a quandary. Without a lathe, how do I polish and burnish pivots? I'm looking...
  13. Kelly

    Clock repair- Setting tool purchase priorities

    I am contemplating my next "significant" tool purchase and wondering which should come first. a lathe (e.g.: Sherline) a bushing tool (e.g.: Keystone, Bergeon) something else entirely I haven't thought of I'm a newcomer/hobbyist who plans on refurbishing half a dozen to a dozen...
  14. Kelly

    My first tear down part II- how to remove mainspring?

    I've made a little progress on the disassembly of my first "learner" clock since my previous post. But once again I've reached a point where I'm not sure how best to proceed. Here are my questions: How should I remove the mainspring from a "fixed" (attached to backplate) half-barrel? The...
  15. Kelly

    Gilbert mechanism: my first tear down

    I'm starting on my first real "tear down/clean/repair/rebuild" as part of my five-clock learning process. This first one was identified as a Gilbert "Gilt #115" time only circa 1913. I'm looking for guidance and advice since this is the first time I've seriously worked on a clock. I've...
  16. Kelly

    Ollie Baker winder and let downs...

    I'm a total newcomer (my broken record intro), and just got my shipment of "starter" tools from TimeSavers. I'm a bit unclear/confused by the Ollie Baker style spring winder (TS#18792) and wonder whether I bought the right let down set (TS# 10066) to use with it. Here's my confusion: the...
  17. Kelly

    Help identify cast metal clock

    The first of my "learner" clocks is probably the strangest of the lot. It has a cast metal (bronze?) case, stands about a foot high by 9" wide (no tape measure at hand, so I'm guestimating), and has no visible maker's mark. The back of the casting is marked "115" and the letters "AF" appear...
  18. Kelly

    Junghans mantle clock: pendulum suspension (?) spring replacement

    Apologies in advance for any procedural errors: this is my first post here, and I'm very much an ignorant novice when it comes to my love of clocks. I have recently acquired five mantle clocks in various states of disrepair, the intent being to use them to further my education regarding...

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