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  1. R Phillips

    Looking for clock case resto/refin

    I'm not sure where else to post this, but I am looking for someone in the Niagara area that would be able to repair or refinish antique clock cases, mostly long case type. I am a clockmaker/watchmaker but I am not a woodworker. Specifically looking for not only case repair but also doing a...
  2. R Phillips

    Phonetic blunder

    Well, just my two cents FWIW.... I was corrected by an old master clockmaker on my pronunciation of Huygens, he said "Hye- Genz". Kieninger is "Kee-ning-ger" (ie is 'ee' and ei is 'eye') Although I did see the video where the president of the company says "Her-she-dee", I have been corrected by...
  3. R Phillips

    Student seeking training

    Training outside the country is always more expensive, so I am guessing he will be looking in to the school in Trois Rivieres? That is Canada's only remaining watchmaking school and they have clock modules up to and including triple barrel clocks with tubes.
  4. R Phillips

    Student seeking training

    Hi Alex, Sep 25 is a Monday? Do you mean the Chapter 33 meeting or the clock class? I don't see any dates for Fall 2017 on the Chapter site, and I am also a member. Cheers Rob
  5. R Phillips

    Student seeking training

    On behalf of a young man in the Niagara Region, (Fort Erie) I am posting this looking for any clockmakers (Retired or not) that would be interested in providing training one on one. The young man in question is looking in to attending school but has not yet done so. Thanks for your attention! Rob
  6. R Phillips

    Schatz 49 Started Running Backward

    I know this is an old thread, but I had the exact thing happen to me. Overhauled the clock, new Mainspring, new suspension, meticulously timed it for over three weeks. Finally goes back to the customer, and it runs backward. I was absolutely stymied as to how this could suddenly happen, but here...
  7. R Phillips

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Re: Help ID a 400 day clock Sorry, I should have included that! Here is the view with the bottom plate removed. You can see the spirals that the weights track in as they move. It very much reminds me of an old Pocket watch movt holder I still use regularly.
  8. R Phillips

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Re: Help ID a 400 day clock Here is the pendulum in question, as you can see it is made from steel and not much care and attention is paid to appearance or quality. The central wheel has very shallow 'teeth' that engage the shallow pinions of the two arbors that the hands of the indicators are...
  9. R Phillips

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Re: Help ID a 400 day clock Here's an update.
  10. R Phillips

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Re: Help ID a 400 day clock The serial number is covered a bit by tape residue in the pic, but it is 5722.
  11. R Phillips

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Help ID a 400 day clock Well after looking through quite a few books and a lot of digging online, I have failed to find a clock with the same pendulum as this one. I initially suspected that this might be a Philip Hauck, but now I am thinking it is a JUF. When you rotate the disc, weights move...
  12. R Phillips

    Help identifying Gothic Colonial Mfg Co grandfather clock

    I know this is an old thread, but I currently have a nearly identical clock in my shop. It is marked Colonial Clock and had a leaky mercury pendulum, which we converted to non-mercury. Other than that, it is identical to this clock, and has the patent number and date of 1919 on parts of the...
  13. R Phillips

    Montandon Pocket Watches

    Any ideas as to what the 'J.G.' stands for? Is it Jaquet-Girard? Unlikely to be Gallet? Justin Guinand?
  14. R Phillips

    Sessions 3-41

    Hello folks, I've got a modern Sessions clock here that I haven't come across before. It reminds me of the Jungians/HA clocks that used two barrels to run the three functions, Time, Chiming and Striking. This one has four discs on the back, and when in Chiming mode, all four play the...
  15. R Phillips

    very confusing 16 s Waltham 1899

    Never use alcohol to clean or rinse a watch. It will dissolve the shellac on the impulse pin, the pallet jewels, and possibly even the hairspring if it is mounted with shellac. I run across plenty of old pocket watches with not a trace of shellac, and this is why. You need a microscope...
  16. R Phillips

    Fusee Movement (Info Wanted)

    Length of the pendulum (in metres) equals half period (in seconds) squared times g, divided by pi squared. Since the value of g and pi is similar, L=(half period) squared. What is the half period, you might ask? It is equal to 3600 divided by the alternances per hour. The alternances...
  17. R Phillips

    "Ancre" Spiral Breguet

    Re: "Ancre" Spiral Breguet My French is not that great, but remontoir is winder, and ancre I think, refers to the Swiss Lever escapement. I also have a pocket watch with similar markings, spiral Brequet is a Breguet overcoil hairspring. The case is Sterling Silver, and the hands are Gold and...
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