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  1. bchaps

    What is this HR tool?

    I know HR and other watch tool manufacturers produced equipment with dubious utility to the watchmaker trying to earn a living. This tool was part of my father's watch tool equipment. I don't recall ever seeing him use it, but surely it had some purpose in mind...Seeing how the tapered tip...
  2. bchaps

    FREE!!! Car trunk full of watch/clock stuff

    For ten years I enjoyed your company and advice on NAWCC forums. I was also a member of Chapter 1, enjoying the meets and dinners. But life moves on... In my storage unit i have remaining approximately 50 shoe boxes of watch parts, supplies and some tools. There are also approximately 150...
  3. bchaps

    Is this a 16k gold hallmark?

    OK...I'm back! Ten years ago my wife retired and we bought a 40 foot sailboat, took the " how to" classes and pointed the bow south. In January of this year, while docked in Grenada. West Indies, my wife and I both agreed it was time to come home. Three months later we were in Pametto...
  4. bchaps

    Help identifying these Gravers

    Does anyone know who made these beautiful gravers? Thanks, Bill
  5. bchaps

    Sailing back

    In November of 2009, my wife and I purchased a 40' sailboat and embarked on a new life adventure. Now, six years later, our thoughts begin to drift toward returning to dirt..(moving into a home for you landlubbers) With that thought, we began discussing what to do with my stored watch and...
  6. bchaps

    Wow - Talk about "Change"!!!

    Greetings everyone... it's been a while. My wife and I have been out of the NAWCC loop for about two years now since we've begun sailing...spent three months sailing in the Keys last winter. (I love my shop, but I love warm winters and suntanned ladies even more :bigsmile:) However...walked...
  7. bchaps

    Need Thread specs for G. Boley Wax Chuck

    Hi has anyone spec'd out the threads on a G. Boley Wax Chuck? I've got a handful of threaded brass inserts, but nothing fits well enough to consider duplicating it... would expect they are Metric fine threads, but how fine? Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Bill
  8. bchaps

    Twilight Zone uses watches??

    About a year ago, a client came in with a beautiful 18s Illinois purchased on eBay. He told me it ran nicely for a while and now doesn't even tick. After carefully looking inside the movement, I observed a dial screw lodged between a gear and pinion, stopping all power transfer. Probably not...
  9. bchaps

    Need help removing 8-day Swiss PW Spring

    Got a friend's beautiful table clock to clean. It's powered by an 8-day Swiss PW movement with a larger than normal spring. Problem is the movement had been dunked in the past WITH the spring barrel in place. I saw a puddle of green gelatin beneath the barrel and all suspicions were...
  10. bchaps

    Need advice removing L&R Master center column.

    I purchased a L&R Master cleaning machine that appears to have been stored outdoors for the past 10 years. Other than superficial dirt on the unit, the center column has some rust which will be easier cleaned if it can be removed. I see two pins that appear to have been driven through the...
  11. bchaps

    Elgin Data Says OF, BUT it's Hunter!!!

    While on vacation, I bought 15 watches from a Pawn Shop. One of them has me perplexed. It's a simple 16s Elgin 7 jewel labeled "Elgin Vernon" on both the Dial and Train Bridge. The SN is 24,891,700 which all my Elgin data states is a Grade 291, Model 7, OF movement, but yet the pendant is...
  12. bchaps

    Electric WW Different Stem on Waltham

    Recently cleaned an old Waltham that caused some difficulty getting it out of the case. I couldn't see how the stem disconnected from the movement. I observed the bridge hole (inside the star), but was looking for a release button similar to quartz movements. In desperation, I disassembled...
  13. bchaps

    Nice Watch Bench for limited space or budget

    My wife and I vacationed in South Carolina for six weeks and the thought of not working on my repair backlog that long made me nervous. Well Cas-Ker came to my rescue! About three days before traveling, I ordered their table top mini-bench and requested drop shipment to the resort. Upon my...
  14. bchaps

    Need help dating Birge Mallory

    Can't get away from clocks!!! While on vacation I picked up a client's Birge Mallory and overhauled the movement at a friend's shop 125 miles away. The clock is nearly identical to Missy's as posted in this January 2009 thread...
  15. bchaps

    Cap Jewel is able to lift away from balance jewel

    I have been driven half crazy diagnosing why the balance stops as soon as the watch begins to turn dial up. Finally stripped down to the pillar plate, balance cock and balance wheel with hairspring, it still stopped as soon as the plate goes over vertical while slowly turning dial side up...
  16. bchaps

    IS this Kienzel more collectible than common Torsion clocks?

    A close friend and consistent clock client was startled to receive a purchase inquiry about his Kienzel anniversary clock. This request was startling to him because I've normally suggested he shy away from Anniversary clocks unless able to buy right. I have had the same experience several...
  17. bchaps

    Cats and Clocks do not mix well!

    Yesterday, I received a panic call from a friend and client who inherited a very nice 1960's tall case clock two years ago. At that time I overhauled the movement and helped him secure it to the wall, because the middle area is open and his two cats were fascinated with the pendulum and...
  18. bchaps

    Question about helper spring on old cast Cuckoo movement

    I have overhauled a number of these old cast cuckoo movements now and a doubt just popped into my head. I'm referring to the inside front plate mounted, straight wire spring that is apt to puncture your hand while doing re-assembly. Normally, I have placed the needle-like spring underneath the...
  19. bchaps

    Drilling Runner for plain tailstock Lathe Video

    Thanks to the help of this message board, I've release the first of several drilling tailstock runners. The link is to a short youTube video demonstrating use of the drilling runner. Thanks again, Bill
  20. bchaps

    Using Boric Acid while hardening steel

    I read in the old books how boric acid can be used to seal a piece of warmed steel. The coating eliminates oxidation and the carbon build-up commonly present when tool steel has been heated to cherry red. The boric acid does work, coating the steel with an epoxy like substance as the piece...
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